#iamnewhere  My name is Ilya Baranov. I am composer. I want to meet friends here and share some of my works.
I have been playing guitar since 12 years and now it is gonna be 34. So most of my experience I got from musical school and self-study. I write music over 5 years. My favorite jenre is tango. In 2019 I wrote 2 arrangements for guitar for La Cumparsita and Por una Cabeza. Those were good works, so the next year I started writing my own tango. During 2020-2021 I was busy by writing Eastern Tango, which is good and something absolutely new, which no one heard before. I recommend everyone to listen and will share my other works later as well. Some of my arrangements were devoted to Disney`s topic - He`s a Pirate, very popular play for guitar with a lot of arrangements, and The Whole New World, my latest arrangement. I also wrote some easy plays for studying, which are good enough for people who are beginners - Etude and Waiting.