#gardening Yesterday I visited a friend in the city, who owns a two-story house, but does not have a patio or garden where he can cultivate, he only has a medium space on the upper or second floor of his house, which he has been able to take advantage of in a very good way, in that space as you see in the photographs, he has crops and flowers, such as:

Tomatoes, paprika, chili peppers, eggplants, chives, coriander, aromatic plants, such as lemon balm, oregano, mint and even a Persian lime plant, as you can see that its fruits hang from the terrace, also some garberas and other ornamental plants that adorn your balcony and that also produce fruits for the self-support of the home, and that with this shows that it is not necessary to have such an extensive space to obtain quality fruits and flowers .

It applies organic agronomic practices such as biological pest control with homemade preparations based on garlic, chili peppers, with soap spray.

As for fertilization, it is carried out with organic fertilizers that it makes with shells or vegetable remains and manure, among others, to keep its plants healthy