Growing up is the way out

#loneliness We must become aware of what we write, many times what we write affects the person who reads it, nowadays because of the pandemic and because of problems typical of places such as Venezuela, people are depressed or lonely, feel overwhelmed, tired, frustrated and the comments we make about terms such as loneliness, death, famine, misery, among others generate stress and anxiety.
Being within four walls of your house or apartment without being able to leave, or in the case of Venezuela without gas to move at your free will through the city, without enough money to buy, no longer what you need, which is difficult, if not what you would like to buy, as a craving, or just treat yourself, changes your appreciation about life what are you wearing and whether it is worth living it the way you live it, more so as in the case of my country, where unfortunately we don't see a solution, or at least we don't see it close, it makes us look at life with nostalgia and makes us feel bad, since we don't enjoy everyday life, friends and family, and in my case my children.
That is why I gave myself the task of researching text of personal growth and self-help, so that through reading we can have tools that help us face this hard moment we live and we can see life, not only in black and white, but with all its nuances, and appreciate that there are possibilities, that there is hope and a future to come for all, where harmony plays an important role, not only in our lives but with the environment.
Here are my recommendations:
1 - How to move mountains with faith, book of personal and spiritual growth and self-help found in more than 15 countries, including Amazon, its author Claudio castro explains to us that faith, can achieve everything
2- The Power of Now by author Eckhart Tolle, teaches us to grow through spirituality and leave behind everything that binds us and overwhelms us and does not let us grow.
3 - The Monge who sold his Ferrari, a rich spiritual fabula to understand how easy it is to live in harmony, through simple lessons.
4 - Emotional intelligence, by Daniel Goleman, teaches us through emotions how to act intelligently to resolve conflicts
5 - Return to Love, a book that changes the perspective of love and how to live it, will surely make you think about it, by Marianne Williamson.
6- Angels can change your life, by author Davis Walker, you can understand the meaning of these beings of light and how important they are in your life.
I think that with these six books we can start all are accessible in the res and you can research which one you like or where to start changing your life.
All photos were taken from the sales pages of each text.