Paid Guest post ? Good news for you.

I receive daily requests for paid guest posts. These are of course intended for link building. Do you know you can get a penalty from Google for that! And then you can forget about your ranking for a long long time ...

These are (spam) e-mails in which the sender always says that Yoors is a wonderful site and where they have been roaming around for hours.

After that they ask if they can post a paid post. Which immediately indicates that they have not been to Yoors at all.

(This post is for you my dear ! Read it carefully.)

Because then you would know that you can just post for free. For your information. Almost everything is 'no follow' on Yoors so if you want to post only for links then I would just skip Yoors.

Posting because you have something to say that is found to be relevant or creative by our members is very much appreciated. Spam links will be removed and reported to Google. Because your crappy links also influence our ranking and the ranking for other websites.

So there is only 1 option . As always. Just keep posting good content and not just once, but more than twice..

Are you a professional link builder? Then start a profile and keep posting there structurally for your customers. That maybe can be appreciated... . If you are a descent writer of course.

Porn and gambling sites will be removed immediately. And get a ban forever.

Enjoy !