Guidelines About Writing A Persuasive Essay

Guidelines About Writing A Persuasive Essay

In a persuasive essay, a writer picks one side of the argument and provide evidence for supporting it. He makes sure to convince the reader to his viewpoint. However, it is essential for the writer to research both sides of the argument. It is done basically for highlighting all the possible shortcomings. If you are someone who finds essay writing service to be a challenging task, then there is a solution for you. If you follow a proper essay outline it help you write your essay much easier, while ensuring a logical flow.

Writing a Persuasive Essay Step by Step

Persuasive essays are an important part of our lives. Students often get assigned to such types of writing tasks in their primary or high schools. To avoid any confusion, they opt for “write my essay for me” facilities. Many online companies offer these services at affordable rates. On the other side, if you want to write a persuasive essay yourself, follow the guide below.

Select the Topic

Selecting a perfect topic for your essay is a challenging thing to do. Therefore, a writer should for a topic of his interest as it will help him enjoy the writing process.

Selecting A Side

It is advisable to understand the complete perspective of the selected topic. Only then, you will be able to choose a side and support it by providing sufficient evidence. While there are some dissertation writing services students who can easily put their thoughts on paper, others don’t enjoy writing these essays either because they are too lazy or don’t possess good writing skills.

Understanding the Audience

A good writer always considers and understands the requirements of his audience and plans his writing process accordingly.

Conduct In-Depth Research

Thorough research provides extensive knowledge about the topic. Therefore, a writer should spend sufficient time on it. However, always go for reliable sources for supporting your thesis.

Clear and Organized Format

Avoid writing in a vague style. Instead, use a clear and organized format that is also understandable by the reader.

Outline of Persuasive Essay

It is beneficial to craft a proper outline before writing a detailed essay. It will help you to organize your thoughts. Similarly, persuasive essays are usually consisting of five paragraphs that include:


It is the first paragraph of the essay that should contain an engaging hook statement. These can be in the form of a question, quotation or a fact. Similarly, this section is followed by a thesis statement defining the central argument.

Main Body

The next important section is the main body that usually has three paragraphs. Discuss one idea in each paragraph along with strong evidence to support it.


It is the last section that summarizes the entire essay by restating the main arguments. Nevertheless, avoid adding any new information. Make sure that your concluding statement points out towards a prediction.

Examples of Persuasive Essay

We have also mentioned some examples of persuasive essay topics. You can pick any of them to draft a perfect piece of writing. Adverse effects of energy drinks. Sports help in reducing stress and anxiety. Slow and sad soundtracks encourages youngsters to commit suicide. Pets should be kept outdoors for avoiding any unhygienic situation. KFC is the least favorite restaurant nowadays. Cell phones should be banned at school premises. What are the advantages of summer camps.

Following these steps will help you write an engaging persuasive essay. This happens to paper writing service, either you have gone above the word limit and are trying to eliminate irrelevant details, or you are staring at a half-done essay thinking of some more points to add.

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