DNA test! Ik wil ook!

We denken al snel dat er meer dingen zijn die ons verdelen dan verenigen. Vooroordelen ten opzichte van andere nationaliteiten zijn dan ook legio. Tijdens dit boeiende experiment ontdekken 67 mensen van over de hele wereld wie ze echt zijn via een DNA-test. De resultaten blazen de deelnemers van hun sokken.

Zijn we niet allemaal op een bepaalde manier familie van elkaar? We hebben meer gemeen met de wereld dan we denken. Het project maakt deel uit van een grote campagne van

Ik vind dit filmpje dus echt helemaal geweldig. Ik zou zelf dus ook dolgraag eens zo'n DNA test willen doen. Wat zou daar uitkomen? Ik heb echt geen flauw idee, ik denk dat ik wel "in Europa blijf" en ik gok dat de zuidelijke landen sterk vertegenwoordigd zullen zijn. Al heb ik eigenlijk geen redenen om dat te denken, dat is gewoon een gevoel dat ik heb. Als mijn partner zo'n DNA test zou doen dan denk ik dat hij echt wereldwijd vertegenwoordigt zal zijn maar daar heeft hij dan ook aanwijzingen voor, ik niet, voor mij zou het echt een totale verrassing zijn wat er uitkomt. Wie weet, misschien ga ik het ooit wel eens laten testen.

Zou jij het willen weten?

Bron: HLN

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From War To Peace
What do we want? - How is it possible that nearly 78 billion people all want the same thing in their lives, peace, security, possibilities, prosperity, happiness and love, and that they are not able to achieve this? Is there something we don't understand well about life? An understanding that would change everything? Who we are? Where are we? Why are we here? And what intentions do we all have? polices - If problems arise, we will talk to each other. We negotiate and try to put pressure on the other party to get them to do things they'd rather not do. We discuss, write laws and make decisions. We try to find solutions with words. And find out this doesn't work. These are certainly not political problems, these must be economic problems. Economic - And because we're used to acting in economic problems with money, to get people to do something they'd rather not do, we're going to throw money, or we just take it away from them. We try to bribe them or we impose sanctions. We are looking for a solution to the problems in money. And find out it doesn't work. If it's not political problems and no economic problems, then we only have one solution left. There are soldiers to go. Military - And because it's our habit to solve problems with violence, we're going to it with our weapons. We shoot guns and throw bombs. And a lot of people will die. We find out that this doesn't work either. After enough dead men, women and children, we agree a truce and start the peace negotiations. And are back at once again. We don't even see the irony of our own actions. Priority - I am bringing this up because I think we have no political, economic or military problems. I think we have a priority issue. If we donate an amount to poverty without stares or blushes, and at the same time spend 10x as much on defence, we have our priorities wrong. We should place our priority in improving the living conditions of people living in a hopeless and hopeless situation. Need - Unmet needs are the cause of violence. Political leaders in need of (military) power. Striking people who need to be heard. Poor and hungry people in need of a better life. Needs are not fulfilled by political, economic or military mechanisms. Needs are fulfilled by shifting our priorities. We would never let one member of our family go hungry and watch them die, but allow thousands of men, women and children to die of hunger on a planet where there is more than enough for everyone. We would never take it if someone knocks up a sibling, but we do allow weapons to be delivered and bombs to be thrown on other people's siblings. Leaders - We wouldn't accept that no one is listening to us, but we invariably choose the leader who doesn't care about what we want. Worldwide, we keep dictators in the saddle. We vote every time for parties that make the gap between rich and poor ever wider. We justify our choices and rationalize the results. We see the signs of the failure of the social order. Everywhere you see a resurgence of violence. And even the people who should be satisfied are dissatisfied. Shift - You only have to take one look at the world to see that it is wrong in a terrible state. We have far exceeded the expiration date. We've forgotten who we are, and what we're doing here. There is plenty for everyone, but too little for everyone's need! Responsibility - We have forgotten that we are all people with an awareness. When we eat, we don't wonder, “What does my sister have to eat in Afghanistan? Or if we buy something: “Do I really need this” BECAUSE THEN we should think consciously about the possibilities that could change the situation and develop intentions to do something about it on a personal level. Then everyone becomes personally responsible for the condition in which humanity and the world is wrong. Images of pxhere/ Mohamed Hassan Other interesting posts - Message to all mankind! - Is the chance of a third world war real? - #stateintheworld #warandpeace #hunger #poverty #conflicts