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Get rid of the doubt when shooting manually, with the set of 11 concise manuals shooting.
The complete collection - do you like shooting and would you like to determine more manually? Do you know that you still doubt what it is about with the lighting and stuff? Then use my concise manuals to photograph! Questions can be asked via the comments. If you have a wish for a new manual, you can also indicate. The latest concise manual, because they “promise” snow coming days! Go outside and take your camera with you! #payperpostchallenge#beknoptehandleiding#handleidingfotograferen#ellesvandenbroek#belichtingfototoestel#belichtingsdriehoek#diafragma#sluitertijd#iso#educatie#expertise#fairshare#yoorspools#yoorsbooster#sneeuwfotos#sneeuw
Comment and receive 500 YP 500
what we pass through
#crime In the investigative report, the shrewd investigative journalist Purity Mwambia exposed a shocking narrative of how men in uniform hire out fire arms and police uniforms to criminals and gangsters. According to Purity Mwambia, criminals operating in the most dreaded streets of Nairobi and its outskirts gain access to fire arms and police uniforms very cheaply. Purity established how with just Ksh 5,000 a gangster can hire a Ceska Pistol from various police officers in Nairobi. She also unravelled how with Ksh 10,000, one can hire an AK47 without bullets from Administration Police Officers in Nairobi. Still, according to the investigative report compiled by the Citizen TV journalist, one can hire police uniform with just Ksh. 1,000-2,000.