Hallaca vegan

Hallaca vegan

but hallaca is made of meat

yeah but we can modificate always the recipe <3 #vegan

here I come again with my vegan segment ... this time for christmas :)

what is hallaca ?...


It is a yellow corn flour dough filled with meat stew (in my case I fill it with textured soy), wrapped with banana leaf or it can also be made with bijao leaf. Its a dish eaten in December accompanied with ham bread (optional for those who eat meat) and salad.


In my opinion, the hallaca is one of the clear examples that exist of hybrid cultures, as explained by the history of its origin.

The hallaca was born in marginalized communities during the colonial era of Venezuela. The black and indigenous slaves prepared the dish with the leftovers of food left by their owner, and it was prepared mostly in the fields of cocoa, corn and banana (platano macho) harvesting. After the feast of the white masters, the slaves gathered around campfires, gathered the leftovers of food, made a stew and wrapped it in smoked banana leaves, this being one of the symbols of common union between the races that lasts today in day and manifests itself in venezuelan families at christmas time as a tradition.

how do you prepare hallacas ?...

As you can see, it is a very laborious job, so this becomes a group work, which is generally prepared as a family.

400 grams of textured soy
A big pepper
Half a kilo of potatoes
30 grams of raisins
3 medium carrots
olives to taste
salt to taste
oat oil

Dough for the Hallaca:
2kg of yellow corn flour.

Once you have the stew and the dough ready, you can assemble the Hallas! Take a large banana leaf and sprinkle a teaspoon of onoto oil on it. Then, roll out a small ball of the Halca dough until it is thin. The thickness of the Halca depends on the taste of each person, but we recommend that they are not so thick.


And you can accompany it with a potato and bread salad :) I hope you like my recipe. If you want a video of how they are made, leave it in your comment <3

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