Weer een creatie. Dit keer met scar wax en gebruik van mijn bruise wheel.
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Respectfully dealing with nature
#ruleoflife   As I walk through the spring forest I notice how much oxygen I breathe. It feels so great. Relaxation by effort increases during the walk. Spring flowers are beautiful and the whistling birds put a smile on my face. My hobby photography gives moments of rest during the long walk. They let nature come even closer. The movement in the oxygen-rich forest makes me energetic and gives me a balanced feeling in my mind. All negative thoughts disappear like clouds before the sun. With a fresh complexion I come home. I can take the whole world again! Let us keep nature livable so that we can always enjoy it together. This is also my reason to be economical, protective and respectful with nature. - In addition to forests, dunes on the coast and rolling hills, the farmland is also nature! About three quarters of our landscape consists of agricultural land. Important habitat for insects, (robbery) birds, roe deer and foxes. Healthy farmland so that there is more room for field flowers, bees, insects, meadow birds and other nature. That's how I started to always carry a bag on the go. Here I put my trash in if there is no trash can nearby.  What else do I do: - Organic food: If you take good care of nature, nature takes good care of you. What's good for your body is good for nature. Better for health but also for nature. Growing your crops organically is good for the earth and the air we breathe and the water we drink. So useful also close to your seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruit picking. Very nice to do. I also make organic juices from apples, pears, elderberries and cherries. Eggs from own chickens. (ice) tea making yourself from mint, lemon balm, lime blossom. Buying locally Unfortunately, the vegetable garden is not large enough to eat plenty of vegetables from the vegetable garden every season. To avoid the need for export, I buy from local farmers or on the market. Less transport, less exhaust gases. Fresh fruit and vegetables. You don't have that when you deliver to and from the store. Prevent food waste I put the peels left during cooking in the compost box. Once composted, this' waste 'bursts with nutrients that nature feasts. Do it through the earth in vegetable garden. An energy boost for the ground. Flowers and plants The butterfly bush, lilacs, blue grapes attract insects. I leave the grass longer so that the field flowers have the chance to bloom. Oa. now the dandelions and rag mart are in bloom. Let it stand! - The insects that ensure the spread of pollen. They provide diversity of nature. The insects attract other animals. So remains in balance. Electric driving, generating electricity with solar panels. ASSISTANCE! Your help to balance nature is super important. Do you have any tips? -
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Look at it from the other side...
Now that a lot of possibilities have been added to this platform, I would like to launch my new project. A project that revolves around photography. I've been walking around with the idea of organizing a digital exhibition titled: “Look at it from the other side...” - My idea about this is to use utensils, pieces of furniture, sculptures, paintings,... so you can see them from a different perspective. Do you always look at a beautiful painting, photograph the back or have a nice chair in your home, take a picture of the bottom...  Everyone can participate, but remember that only the best photos will be rewarded and eventually admitted to the final digital exhibition that will be organized later this year. I've taken some pictures myself so you can get an idea of what I mean right now.. Every week I want to attach a theme to it so if you want to participate in this, be sure to stick to the theme of the week. If you want to participate in this challenge, please let us know in the comments, you will also receive the correct theme every week in a private message. Saturday 1 May 2021 we will start and so you will have a week to post your ultimate photo. Every following Saturday, the new theme is presented. Remember that only quality photos can get a place in the exhibition. The conditions are simple: Your picture should be square She must meet the theme of the week With your photo you participate in the pool #fromtheotherside Of course, you must have taken the photo yourself (so no existing photos from a free site) If your photo is awarded the quality label, you give permission to use your photo in the final digital exhibition. It goes without saying that your name as a maker is included in your photo. Quality is more important than quantity but you can participate with multiple photos per theme. Personal boosters will be distributed among the quality entries. Abuse of the pool will be reported and further participation in the challenge will then be discontinued. If you want to participate in this challenge, please leave a message in the comments. Sharing is allowed and a heart is fun. #Challenge #fromtheotherside  #photography #match #contest #missustip #art #photo #photoart