About me

Hello you, and welcome to a secret place of mine.

I'm a pretty extroverted girl, but there are a lot of things that are going on in my mind that I don't express often, or ever. Simply because I care way too much about what my friends think of me. And these things probably make me seem like a geek, a weirdo. Which I am, but still.

But these unspoken things are most of the times things that I'm really passionate about. So I want to share it with anyone who cares. So if you're reading this and you care: Welcome, I'm glad you're here. Welcome to my blog: "Hello, my name is not Hannah".

Explaining that name is very simple. My name isn't Hannah. I'm from Belgium and my name is Hanne, but since no one that doesn't speak Dutch can pronounce that name, I've choses Hannah. It's very similar, I love that name and I always use it whenever I'm creating accounts on English sites. Sorry that it's nothing exciting. :)

This account will be basically the "me that no one knows about". I'm planning on writing a lot on here, I hope I'll keep it up.

But before you enter the weird place that's called my mind, I think it's fair that you get to know me a little bit. I hope it'll make understanding my points of view a little better.

As I said, I'm Hanne, I'm 18 years old and I'm from Belgium. My native language is Dutch, so I'm sorry if I make grammar or spelling mistakes, I'm trying my best. I'm going to study to become an English and Dutch teacher next year for kids from 12 to 15 years old. I'm so freaking excited!

Passions of mine that people know about: table tennis, drawing, reading and Indie-rockmusic

Passions of mine that people DON'T know about: writing, fangirling, YouTube, the English language and America.

For some reason, I'm incredibly interested by America. Probably because I've been watching American YouTubers ever since I was about twelve, but I really do! I love English as well. I don't usually say this at loud but I'm actually pretty good at it for being a native Dutch speaker. I love writing in English (hence why I'm doing this rn) and I prefer reading books in English.

I was seven years old when I wrote my first "book". I could barely write at that time lol but I tried my best. It had exactly twelve pages with about 10 sentences on each page but hey, we have to start somewhere. From there on I proceeded. My stories got longer, but still without much depth. At the moment the problem isn't the length or content, I just get bored of my stories very quickly. I get a great idea and I write a couple of chapters, and then I'm tired of it and I start something new. I have a WattPad account as well, but I don't post most of my work. Mainly because I never finish it. That's why I started blogging. This way I can write passionately about the thing I'm interested about at that time, and be done with it after one article. It's also why I mainly write fanfiction.

That's what leads to my last unknown passion, fangirling, which I feel like is the biggest one. I'm a huuuuge fangirl... If I'm fan of something or someone (mostly people), I get obsessed. Not in the creepy stalking way, but more like having a whole future with this person in my head... Is that creepy? Probably. My biggest fan phase was the Thomas Brodie-Sangster phase, but believe me, I've had plenty. There was the Hunger Games phase, the Maze Runner phase, the Dolan Twins phase, the Bastille phase, the The 100 phase, the Devon Bostick phase, the John Murphy phase, the Shawn Mendes phase, the Aaron Carpenter phase... right now I'm both in the Ian Jeffrey phase and the James Charles (his brother lol) phase. Just because James is literally make-up queen and Ian is really interesting to me for some reason.... and he's hot. Oh, and the Harry Potter phase and the greek mythology phase, there's a lot going on right now lol.

My known passions aren't too exciting. I play and love table tennis, WHICH IS AN ACTUAL SPORT! I hate it when people assume it's not. When you think like that, you haven't seen a proper game. I like drawing. I'm not incredibly talented but I'm okay. And lastly, indie-rock and alternative, even punk sometimes. I love Bastille, Green Day, the Wombats, 3 Doors Down, Air Traffic, the Amazons etc. I also have a weak spot for Shawn mendes songs lol. little random but the guy is good, don't hate me.

There's not too much else to tell about me. I've got brown hair, brown eyes, I'm on the chubbier side, I'm insecure as fuck about my body... yeah that's about it.

If anyone wants to know about something in detail, just ask me. I'll make a separate article about it if it needs more explanation. I also really like listening to other people's stories so if you want help or an opinion on something, don't be afraid to ask :) I want to keep my platform as free as possible. My little escape I suppose.

So if you're still here, thank you. Honestly, it means the world to me that you've actually taken the time to listen to who I am. To listen to the words I don't say out loud. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day and please remember that you're a good person, so try to see the good in others too.

Lots of love,

x H.


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