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How To Be More Creative

How To Be More Creative

Hello you,

Today I'm going to try to give you my best tips on how you can boost your creativity and expand it. I hope you get something out of it. Please let me know.

the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.

Imagination... one of the first keywords. The power to create ideas in your head. That's what it's all about. Finding inspiration to create something absolutely marvelous. So... here are some tips to find inspiration and boost your creativity.

1. Stay away from social media

I'm not saying that you have to delete all your accounts and go medieval, not at all. I'm just saying that when you're trying to think of ideas, don't search the internet. You're really likely to start copying, and that way you're not creating. Most people tend to look online for inspiration and that's okay but don't search to specific because you'll defenitely start copying.

2. Photography

Photography is a really good way to find your inspiration. For multiple reasons really. First of all, you're out on an "adventure". Whether you're taking pictures in your own garden or on some tropic island, your discovering something new, something interesting. On top of that, your brain in one creative factory, trying to create the best picture and imagining a million things with every picture. Using your own pictures instead of ones on the internet is also so much better since your getting inspiration out of something you created yourself. It's also great to find your passion. What do you find interesting, what do you want to create?

3. Doodling

Doodling is one of the best ways to be creative. You don't even realise it but your brain is creating thousands of ideas. People say doodling is a sign of a lack of focus but that's not true at all. It's actually really good to help you stay present. Doodling takes your mind to the strangest places and it can open doors you'd never open otherwise. It improves your imagination and insight.

4. Do something different

Being in the same environment all the time can really limit your vision. Try to break through habits, do something different. Sign up for a class you've never done before, try new recipes, new techniques. Expand your abilities and explore.

5. Writing

Writing is a really good way of being creative since it's basically all in one. Even though you might think you're a shit writer, do it anyways! I think flash-fiction is the best way to improve creativity. Flash-fiction is writing a lot of really short stories. Whatever pops up, make a story about it. Whether it is fanfiction, a lost memorie or a dream, just go for it!

I hope you liked my tips. I really recommend trying them out whenever your feeling uninspired.

I use them all the time and I can honestly say that they really work for me so I hope they do too for you.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you next time


I really like writing, but I don't do it nearly enough.
15-06-2017 22:29
15-06-2017 22:29 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Hannah Banana
I really recommend it, I absolutely LOVE it!
17-06-2017 15:38
17-06-2017 15:38 • Reageer