Klagen over racisme mag van mij ophouden / Please stop complaining about racism

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My message to the BLM movement and propaganda,
my thoughts on racism and my love for the Netherlands.

A white person can also be misjudged and treated wrong.
And could have less privileges than someone else, no matter what colour he or she has. If people are offensive to or superior over other races, they have issues with themselves and vice versa if they cannot deal with it. When you as a coloured person keep feeling misjudged, I think you also have issues. Do not build up hate by keep complaining about it. It can be detrimental. When you complain you subconsciously tell you’re brain to feel badly and create flows of unhappiness within yourself and brings negative vibes to others. In work systems there will always be self-righteous pricks who will let you know your place. The same applies for white people. Also let the past go, the history of black slavery. There were white slaves as well, so many peoples, so many ethnicities. White people of this generation shouldn’t take the blame or carry burden for that. Bringing up your issues is making it worse, in my opinion. It's just not about colour, but about values. Don't focus on victims in black society alone, you don’t have to be coloured to be a victim of unfairly treatments.

I'm coloured too. By the way, the term colour is strange to me, because I think black is not a colour and white people have more colours like red and even blue while being sick, but that is just a funny insight. Anyway, I also have experienced misjudgements and prejudices in my life, like most people on this planet, regardless of your skin tone. So, for example one time I wondered I was having issues with a bouncer. And people could insult me by calling me a dirty peanut, mostly during conflicts. Even parents in law in the past could misjudge me by my skin tone and were digging deep to find out my social class before I even met them. Hell, even my white skinned mother had some curious utterances, but we love each other a lot, though. Curs names based on or related with stereo type racial statements are plane stupid to me and yes, they can be hurtful, but for me there are no reasons to stay and play victim for my whole life. Call me black(ie), brown(ie), peanut if you will.. I do not care, as long as you're not acting hostile. And I am brown, so what.. should that be an issue to me? So call me brownie, like I will call someone a blondie… I just don’t think that way by insulting people based on their looks. But honestly, my type is a black woman, which means my preference is based on skin tone, but that doesn’t make me racist, because I find beauty in all races and respect all women. Don’t tell my half white girlfriend ????.

If someone makes racial related insults, then that’s his/her issue and way of processing during and dealing with conflicts. It really cannot touch me, like I can insult someone else based on their skin… It’s pointless to me and should be to him/her too. If that person wants to feel superior, let him/her. You should know better. Everybody has issues in their relationships and more likely at their jobs with colleagues. If it’s a matter of superiority confrontations in work system and hierarchy, just deal with it or do something about it. I find it pointless to act rushed and use my skin colour as a way to confront such a matter. And if (racial) discrimination structurally does happen to one person, there are codes of conduct and rules of contact that will definitely support. But you should ask yourself why and how it happens and do you think twice for finding yourself in the right place and maybe move on to another place. If it’s innocent intended to be humorous, then you shouldn’t be devoid from humour. Then again, if it’s hostile, find out where it’s coming from and be willing to solve that problem. If it’s ignorance, my advice is to let it go. That person will learn the hard way by him/herself. I believe I was not (and hopefully still not) an unattractive, mindless kid, so luckily naturally I had a lot of attention, carefulness and love from people, based on how I well treated others with respect of course. As a baby I was adopted from Indonesia and grew up as a child in the Netherlands.

And if so there was occurring hostility, followed by discrimination itself (not only racial) that comes from hate, envy, jealousy, ignorance and disgust.. Like I can call a woman a b*tch when she's being very mean, an annoying person a f*g or a rude old man an oldi*. It's not right, descent and it's disrespectful, but it happens. Nobody is always politically correct and has the curtesy using neutral words. In pejorative terms there can be name calling just for fun with negative connotation, because there already is a band between people. So there will be racial statements and name calling like black m*fo, stupid n*gro or n*gger...In my case a stupid peanut. For most coloured persons, a term like negro is often negative loaded. Maybe not so common for some coloured people... But I think it is the same as someone can use the term retard in the heat of the moment during conflicts, which isn't politically correct for a handicap person of course. In the Netherlands are black people threatened and offended with the worst racial related insults, because of the Black Pete discussion. But mostly about racial discrimination or vilification.

I grew up in the Netherlands and see ruined statues of history and traditions that’s just isn’t necessary. As a child I loved the tradition and I will love to give my kids the same.

Of course I disapprove racism like a black person can't get for instance a ICT job, just because he's black and have no ICT knowledge. . The employer literally used those words. He should be taught a lesson. But it is his issue, let him open his eyes and learning by himself. Maybe he will meet a nice black woman who will fall in love with. And tells her the story and gets a tough lesson from her, who knows... Or a locked out black person by hooligans in a train. Or a black man gets dirty looks walking alone in his own nice neighbourhood. In the village called Heesch where I grew up, there was this young black girl who was beaten up by a group white teenagers, pure by racial discrimination though, it's awful. And I do not ignore the fact that it could happen just around the corner. But then again, it could also happen to a white person. A coloured police officer can be corrupt and even that vicious with unnecessary violence to criminals or innocent citizens, again regardless the victim’s skin tone. Or a white person is life struggling in black communities... BLM is talking about experiences on institutional racism and insulting issues like being described as black as night, as a child in hide and seek games. And like people feeling like they must work harder than white people to achieve something. So, what, work hard and achieve something.

A lot of white people are poor, just because of their unfortunate low social classes, ergo non privileged.

BLM talks about white skin privilege as all white people are gifted with a friendly and intelligent appearance. That does not makes sense to me. The segregation and oppression in the past are abvious absolutely disgusting. But like I said, it's done, and you don't hear about white slaveries, let alone the human trafficking in the present time. Let's stop this discussion, before it's creating more chaos then it already is. People are now getting anxious and hateful, I will be not surprised there will be conflicts in some communities. A lot of people, black and white, are already getting threatened. There will be always a handful hateful, ignorant white folks, grouping who are xenophobic and ethnocentric, so they are really just don't get the multicultural idea or refuse to open up for it. Let them be conservative, ignore them and ignore the issues on coloured’s that are zoomed in and hyped in the media. Racism nowadays is hyped and creates chaos. Most people just really want to live in harmony and humouring their lives as much as they can in their short pressured lives. Get some thick skin and move on. Don't waste time on pushing through like a fanatic follower of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. Freedom and opportunities nowadays are in abundance. Why pushing through? The social attitude anno 2020 is very positive and the racism is not subcutaneous as you want to believe, why would you hold on these negative experiences and feelings, that a ignorant person causes?

I really think that as a coloured person you should let go the oppression and exploitation by a handful group people in the past. You shouldn’t ask for apologies from white people of this generation and they shouldn’t feel privileged or guilty.

The time is already changing by mixing different racial people, which is a good sign for creating harmony. Still there will be always different privileges all around the world, not based on the colour of the skin. I know... BLM is standing up for racial discrimination and ethnic profiling issues, to change the world and make a better place. Just like there are movements for women, LGBT rights and many more. But I believe no more than 20 % of the worldpopulation is white, which is incredibly low. Ask yourself who are the minorities and who has privileges? World largest ethnic group is Han Chinese and the richest race is Asian. Accusations on racism will get people putting heels in the sand (a Dutch expression, I mean they will stand up for themselves) and that will create a stalemate, therefore hate between several parties and therefore peace will be bygone. So, deal with your own issues and avoid conflicts as much as you can, because there will always be racial related insults. A friend asked me a month ago: “So we should do nothing and ignore it?” Now my thoughts are…”Yes, probably.” Look at the people’s reactions nowadays… hate has been cultivated. The problems shouldn’t be defined in races. The mill is caught. There are a lot of problems in the world, environmental issues, political crisis, social issues and economic crisis, human rights violations, women rights and discrimination in general. Terrorism, the list goes on.. Do we really want to spend our time fighting each other? Because that’s what’s happening right now. No respect for the police, who is watching over us… But most of all, no respect for each other. There is no right or wrong. Just accept the things the way they're going, pass over ignorance and don’t let it bring you down, look forward not backwards, work hard and bring love and joy in your and other people’s lives, then we should get along with each other just fine, I suppose. There are aggressive white people who can go crazy on black people and vice versa. There are meaningless discussions who the racists are, insulting each other and pointing fingers to each other… Please, just stop… You are making it worse for everybody. The evil white man in the movie “American History X” has thought a lesson by the hard way. If there is someone that evil and brainwashed, it would finally happen to that person too, like in the movie that person will be waken. It’s a movie but is not far from reality and it’s a matter of time, in the mixed world were living and everybody can swindle each other, naturally all races.

People in prosperous countries are all privileged. In the Netherlands, the Dutch people are from origin white and privileged offspring for living in a prosperous country. It is tolerant for diversity and open for enriching cultures. Cultures that comes from all around the world, like Rome is building an empire with civilized people, only without the culture assimilation. But we understand slowly all people are equal and should be threat equally. That is exactly what most people wants, support poor countries to make a better world and stimulate division. The first people in the history came from Namibia and the humans have exploited each other. But still, remember, we are all offspring from that place. Stop the hate against each other, because really, it’s all in the past and again: just live in harmony. Don’t let your life ruling by ignorance. I swear, if the past went differently and the last centuries of slavery was the other way around, like only black superiors with white slaves, we would have the same problem, like endless bitterness in the backgrounds of people’s lives and looking below the surface like asking for forgiveness for some people will thrive and become mainstream, like it's happening right now.

I’m proud of the Netherlands, there are actually more friendly people here for me than in Indonesia, ironically. I’m also proud of my roots, but I don’t know any better than being a Dutch man. This land has a lot to give, not only material, but the kindness and relationships with friends and family as well and I think that is the key to life. Sure, we are a society with high pressures and can be complex individuals, but it’s so enriching with material satisfactions, luxury, facilities, safety nets, that we almost can’t imagine how hard it is in some countries with unbelievable low payed, extreme (conditioned) work systems. Everybody should be blessed and fortunate in the Netherlands. Listen to the people who wants to supports you, black or white, and you should be blessed with what you have and what comes to you, with equel rights and oppurtunities. Forget the past and I say it again: avoid and disregard the ignorance of those who are trying to take you down. Don't let your feelings of inferiority lead you. Because really, they are taught and could happen to anyone.