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My fasting journal: day 4

My fasting journal: day 4

Day 4 fasting: today was not a good day. A lot of running around and having to deal with people who were determined to piss me off. I broke down and had a glass of cider during my last meeting with the team I'm working with for the exposition coming up in July. They made everything great again and I was able to refocus and stop after one glass and I still haven't eaten either. Can't wait to get home, shower, meditate and eat.

Today's lesson was best put by Plato:

The first and the best victory is to conquer self. I kinda let people's negativity turn my eyes away from my goal for a few minutes. Now imagine if it had influenced something major? I'm learning a lot. 😊

Die quote ga ik onthouden!
09-06-2017 09:44
09-06-2017 09:44 • Reageer