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My fasting journal: weekend edition

My fasting journal: weekend edition

Day 5, 6 and 7 fasting: 

I knew the weekend would be very difficult to fast and I only cheated with drinking once but the rest of the days, I didn't touch food. I think my body is used to it now, it's just the mind that sometimes plays tricks on me. I found myself having a conversation with myself as if I was talking to a stranger 😂😂😂 literally just to find streght not to give in. So I started writing letters to myself when it gets really hard.

Dear me.

You could never fool me. I am you. The inner you. The person you can't run from. The one person you will be forced to reckon with no matter what. You can't drug me, surgically remove me, cover me up with concealer, line me up, buy me off, nor exercise me away.

Happy Sunday ✌

Not my style, but great work! Whatever works for you :)
11-06-2017 20:14
11-06-2017 20:14