Again the YouTube owners pretending to be muslims teachers targeted Hindus and their beliefs.

Message sent by Dharmadhyaksha:
"I have noticed that a few videos turned into a fake video by linking the wrong topic to Hindu devotional art. I call on the Hindus and compassionate people worldwide to report the videos. The channels sow ignorance hatred between Hindus and Muslims by linking the speech to devotional Hindu art."

Add. text - message for info: They made many of those videos. It doesn't mean that we need to give up, don't be that weak. I hereby asked Worldwide Reporter to keep a good overview and the documents provided, so that you know what to report. The videos should be added below this letter.

We agree that it's disrespectful of the YouTube owner to use Hindu devotional art to explain their point. He has even ads on it. We reported the video and would ask you to do the same.

Updated: 8/6/2020

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Message sent by Dharmadhyaksha (Letter 1: Speak Up Call)