Have you ever told an unnecessary truth that you regretted after?

People sometimes tell lies, that already brings people in trouble. However, have you ever told an unnecessary truth that you regretted immediately after? An unnecessary truth is a truth that comes unfiltered straight from your thoughts and that no one asked for and that only causes trouble once you say it.

With me, it was that I actively told someone they stink. But instead of me keeping it at: "I think you should take care of your hygiene more often", I told him: "Could this be the reason why you couldn't keep a girlfriend in the past?".

I totally do not know why I said something like that, but I only realized this years later how mean I must've sounded. I meant it friendly at the time, as a piece of advice and care for the person to get a girlfriend.

The worst thing is that I was dating them at the time, so I was basically telling them that they're not dating material on the worst possible way.

Tell me below an unnecessary truth you regretted right after.

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