The strawberry comes from Europe in the 18th century and is a hybrid of two species from Chile and North America. Strawberries are sweet, juicy, and bright red fruit. They are a good Source of manganese and Vitamin C and contain a small amount of potassium and folate. Strawberries are very high in plant compounds and antioxidants, which may benefit blood sugar control and heart health. Its also packed with fiber, protein, fats, calories, and sugar.
Health benefits
Here are some health benefits of strawberries.
Heart health
Heart disease is the most common reason of death worldwide. Strawberries may lower the risk of heart disease and improve blood pressure, HDL cholesterol, and blood platelets function. Strawberries may also decrease oxidative stress, improve vascular function, reduce inflammation and improve blood antioxidant status.
Strengthen the gums
Vitamin C helps keep gums healthy and strong and also stronger teeth. People who eat fewer amounts of vitamin C can suffer gums problems. Strawberries help maintain a healthy mouth.
Helps with weight controls
Strawberries are an excellent addition to a weight loss diet because they are low in calories and sugar.
Cholesterol enemy
Fiber, anthocyanins, and vitamin C in strawberries help to improve the lipid profile of blood by reducing triglyceride levels and bad cholesterol LDL.
Improve skin quality
Vitamin C provides skin elasticity and a fresh appearance, delaying the formation of wrinkles. It also defends the skin from damage from ultraviolet rays. So, it is essential to get enough vitamin C for healthy skin.
Effective against anemia
Strawberries are a fruit high in folate, which is essential in producing healthy red blood cells. People who eat less folate can suffer from anemia, and it is also vital in the regeneration and formation of cells in the body. For women during their pregnancy, it is essential to eat enough folate daily.
Cancer prevention
Oxidative stress and chronic inflammation can cause cancer. Strawberries can protect against inflammation and oxidative stress. Such anti-cancerous and protective properties of strawberries may ascribe to the ellagitannins and ellagic acid.
Blood sugar regulation
Irregular blood sugar levels usually result from high-sugar diets and may lead to type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Strawberries lower glucose metabolism while lower the spike of both glucose and insulin in the blood. Strawberries can help prevent type 2 diabetes and metabolism syndrome.

Health benefits of Strawberries