Cocoa Can Boost Brain Power.

Cocoa Can Boost Cognitive Function.

Researchers involved with a study pertaining to Cocoa and its ability to boost a humans brain power have revealed that subjects of their experiment that consumed Cocoa, boost their mental power and response time when faced with mental challenges, leaving the subjects that didn’t in the dust.  
Scientists and researchers at The University Of Birmingham believe they have isolated and identified the agent in Cocoa(also present in other foods) that effectively boosts a humans cognitive ability. Flavanols,
The group of compounds called Flavanols, found in a range of plant based foods such as Berries, Apples and Cocoa.                  existing result’s from previous experiments show that Flavanols protect against a range of vascular and brain diseases and conditions.
This study, the first of its kind testing what effects the consumption of Flavanols have on the human brain found that, the subjects that drank the Flavanol drink completed all their tasks 11% faster than the subjects who did not.

Source: Scientific Reports.
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