Coronavirus Vaccines

Corona virus have created an devastating impact throughout the year in our economy and to health of millions.

The latest statistics on the corona virus impact is as follows:




Many companies all round the world have been trying to find a cure throughout the year. Few trial vaccines got administered in few countries but there haven't been a concrete evidence on their effectiveness. Recently,two companies have boasted about their vaccine's high percentage effectiveness against Corona Virus.

Pfizer and Biontech

American multinational company Pfizer on collaboration with Biontech announced 90% effectiveness of their vaccine. The vaccine achieved such huge success in first analysis from Phase 3 study.

⚜️Trial Vaccine name:BNT162b2

⚕️Vaccine type:mRNA-based

⚜️No of total participants:43538

⚕️Clinical trial initiation=July 27

⚜️Protection achieved on 28 days after vaccination with two dose schedule.

⚕️Vaccine efficiency=90%

The company aims for 50 million vaccine doses in 2020 and upto 1.3 billion doses in 2021.

Deals signed for doses:

♦️US(100 million doses + additional 500 million)

♦️UK(30 million)

♦️Japan(120 million)

♦️EU(200 million)

♦️Canada(not disclosed)

Cost of vaccine:

💉(We will price our vaccine in a way to help governments ensure there is little to no out-of-pocket cost for the vaccine for their populations. It is also important to note that our COVID-19 vaccine development and manufacturing costs are entirely self-funded, with billions of dollars already invested in an effort to help find a solution to this pandemic.)

Quoted entirely same as it says in their website.


Moderna, a US based company also released a news related with their m-RNA vaccine effectiveness on primary analysis of the Phase 3 trial.

⚜️Trial vaccine name:mRNA-1273

⚕️Vaccine type:mRNA based

⚜️No of participants:30000 ⚕️Phase 3 trial initiation: July 27

⚜️Vaccination done on two doses 28 days apart

⚕️Vaccine efficiency:94.5%

The company aims for production of 20 million doses in 2020 and 500 million-1 billion doses in 2021.

Deals signed for doses:

♦️US(100 million doses with option of extra 400 million)

♦️Japan(50 million)

♦️Canada(20 million + option of additional 36 million)

♦️Switzerland,Israel,Qatar,Several countries not announced(Doses quantity are also not disclosed for these countries)

Each vaccine cost:

💉$32-$37 for countries with smaller dose order

💉$25 at US

Things yet to be done

▪️Analyze more clinic trials results

▪️Authorization from FDA on potential emergency use

▪️Necessary safety and manufacturing data to FDA for the quality of vaccine produced.

▪️Distribution of vaccine to all the buyers.