Hearts click and 3 other things

I still have a few boosters and I want to convert those hearts to “no words but crack”, in between I'll try to figure out how to get my yuppies paid, set up my phone and click on that heart with the mouse. Because I was busy with everything and everything, I was busy and the mouse passed the time and I started to have some pain in my frame, muscles and bones, so to speak. With the money I earned, I should buy a gaming chair that is designed to spend hours on it. But paying bills first, I've had to do that all my life!! pay, pay, receive, receive, pay and so one and so one . such a gaming chair is not an unnecessary luxury for a writer like me, but now a hearthunter and yuppies collector, the bitcoins will also come. I'm going to go hunting again and hope for a happy payout for everyone. Anton