Help birds get through the winter. But not spring.

Who doesn't have them hanging in the garden: fat balls, peanut garlands and seed containers for garden birds. Sweet, but according to bird veterinarian Jan Hooimeijer, we sometimes do more harm than good with it.

Persistent misunderstanding: birds don't know what's best for themselves or their young. If you offer plenty of seeds and peanuts, birds will also eat too much of them themselves and will soon feed them to their young in the spring.” And no, that's definitely not good for them, . “It's fast food.”

As early as 1986, veterinarian Theo Smit from the then Central Veterinary Institute in Lelystad showed that peanuts can kill young birds”. “Of the 42 nests of dead young tits that he studied, in twelve nests, the chicks were found to have a stomach full of undigested pieces of peanuts.” #supplementaryfeeding #vogels #winter #lens
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