Extra raised platform beds come with various other benefits. Think about the trouble of stepping out of a platform bed on the floor or rather the additional storage that a raised bed can give. There are various ways of building a platform bed off the floor. Also, if you are used to the traditional bed frame, a platform bed will be too low for you. The number of ways to add to your platform bed is varied. Apart from the ordinary bed risers by use of a box spring, you can either make a leg for each leg or the entire bed.

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Use Bed Risers

The use of bed risers is the most commonly used way of adding height to the platform bed. These bed liftsadd three or more inches on each of the four legs. Depending on the height you wish to add to your o measure the width of your bed legs to ensure they fit on top of the risers. Before sleeping in the bed, ensure that each leg rests inside the risers entirely to avoid a fall or drip. If the bed platform is too heavy, seek help from friends. You can choose to buy or make the bed raisers from your hom

1) Purchasing The Bed Raisers

Depending on the material you want to use to make the bed raisers, there are several bed raiser options available in the market. Metal, plastic, and wood are the most commonly used materials to make raisers. Although the plastic-made bed raisers are relatively cheaper, they are not as durable as the wood and metal bed raisers. Wooden bed raisers are the most preferred because of their durability and beauty. However, they will undoubtedly cost more. Ensure that the raisers you decide to take home are strong enough to sustain the weight of the bed platform, the mattress, and the sleepers. An ideal raiser can support up to 450 kgs weight.

2) Homemade Raisers

Instead of buying bed risers, you can choose to make them from the comfort of your home. One significant advantage of a homemade raiser is that you can make them suit your requirements. The first thing to have at your disposal are four resilient wooden blocks. Hardwood is the most preferred material for making raisers.

• Procedure for making wooden raisers

• After making sure the four blocks are of the same sizes, saw them of wood into identical sizes

• Add each block a felt patch or glue to prevent them from scratching the floor

• On each block, drill a notch of about 1.4 to 1.9cm to strengthen the bedpost

• To keep the bedpost in the right position, dig a bit that can produce the right indent

3) Placing The Bed Risers

Bed platforms can be cumbersome for one person to handle. Therefore, make use of friends or relatives near you.

• First, remove the mattress from your bed platform to reduce the weight of the bed

• Lift the corner of your bed platform and carefully lead it into your riser

• Slowly lessen the load of the bed to ensure the bedpost is securely and fairly placed

• Follow the same procedure for the four posts of your bed

• One each post is firmly set, shake the foundation to ensure it is safe

• Put back the weight and slowly throw your weight to the bed to see if the mattress is ready for use

• If the bed is stiff enough, then your risers have been successfully placed

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4) Warnings

The whole process of making and placing the bed risers in your bed can be a dangerous exercise altogether. Carelessly sawing the block can lead to severe injury. Do not use your bare hands when sawing. Also, wear goggles to protect your eyes. Lifting the bed frame or mattress can twist your knees. To prevent such injury, let your body stay as stable as possible when listing the bed platform. Please do not drop the bed to the ground after placing the bed raisers to prevent it from cracking.

5) Protecting Your Bed Raisers

After the bed raisers have been successfully placed on your bed, you can choose to either cover it or let it be exposed. If you prefer living the raisers exposed, pick those that match the style of your room. You can alsochoose to cover the raisers using bed skirts or a long sheet. Although many bed raisers come with neutral colors, be careful that the color you select matches your bedroom surroundings. However, if you love bright colors, you can still find colors such as yellow, punks, or red in the market.

Box Spring Booster

Apart from bed raisers, you can also choose to raise the height of your bed using a box spring booster. Although the use of a box spring booster may not be as effective as a booster, it can also add some height to your bed. If you have the traditional box spring from your closet, you can choose to set it on top of the bed platform, followed by the mattress. If you do not have a box spring, purchase one that is compatible with your mattress. Well, sleeping on a platform raised with a box spring is similar to that of a platform without a box spring. However, avoid using a broken box spring as the mattress is likely to sag on the box spring, making it uncomfortable.

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As seen above, increasing the height of your bed platform can be done through two simple hacks. However, the most significant determinant when choosing the most suitable way is the amount of elevation you want to be added to your bed. Also, ensure the whole process of adding some height to your bed is reversible. Who knows, what if you will not love the new look of your bed? Finally, the opinion of your bedmate matters. Let them buy the idea of adding extra height to your bed platform. Otherwise, the additional height will bring an unnecessary disagreement in the house.