Yoors Short Guide

Yoors plan for you:

  • Yoors will provide you all (free) tools to earn a living with your quality content.
    We listen and make these tools better every day.
  • It's hard to earn something from your blogs, art, paintings videos, podcasts, music tracks or other creative content where you have put so much love into.
  • We build and refine new fair share tools every day to make it easier for you to monetize your content.
    So you can immediately start earning.
  • You will receive Yoors Points through the heart on your posts or comments. 
    These points can easily be transferred to hard cash.
  •  All you have to do is to create with Love! 

Short Guide

How to join :  Signing up. 

How do you earn ? 

  1. By making good content. People will want to read, listen or watch. It can be blogs, pictures, video or music you want to share with your public. Other members react by clicking on the hearts and give you Yoors Points (Yps) 1000 Yoors Points is 1 euro. 
  2. Every heart a post or comment get is one vote. So quality posts and comments rise to the top and get more votes etc. 
  3. Clicking twice on the heart is giving more. People can choose the amount. 
  4. By making good comments. Members can reward your comments as well ! Good quality comments are rewarded. And you make a comment much faster then a post.
  5. Pay Per Posts.  You can now set a price to read or watch your posts. A personal paywall per post!
    You can put anything behind your personal paywall. Here you see a test Pay Per Post from Babita. You can make these posts as well and set your own price. 

  • You can track your score here.
  • When do you get your payment ? Convert your Yoors Points to a cash amount here : https://yoo.rs/dashboard/balance/payout  Yoors pays out the converted Yoors Points to cash once a month. All payouts from the last years can be found here. Including reactions from people who where paid. A lot of them are in Dutch. Because Yoors started in the Netherlands. 
  • Yoors payouts are done to your Bankaccount, Paypal, Payoneer etc. 

 Fasttrack: How do you earn fast ? 

    1. The best way to experience Yoors Love is to make a simple post.
      Click on the + at mobile of 'new post' at your computer.
      It can be be one sentence at #iamnewhere and you certainly will receive much Love from me and other members. 
      You can follow this pool as well and welcome other newbies :)  
      We call these # pools because you can extra there ! 
      The more love you put in your posts the more Yoors Love you can expect .  If you like you can add a tag where you from so all members can see where you from. I am from the :  #Netherlands  
    2. You always have to put a #subject in your post. This is very important !! If you do not you cannot post.   So Use #Whatsyourpostabout  
    3. How to get a kickstart ?
      Ask Your friends to join as well. For your signing up you and they get a bonus which they can give you as a reward. So you can test your giving to each other. 

      Here you can find your personal invitation link to invite your friends and family.
      You and them receive a 200 Yp bonus so you van both give each other some Yoors Love. 
      Or you ask them to give all the Yoors Love to you :) 

    4. The fastest way to experience Yoors Love giving ?
      Click on the heart you see below. Click twice if you want to give more. 
    5. The fastest way of getting Yoors Love :
      If you give a comment or ask a question i will give some pretty good Yoors Love for your comment. Promise ! 
    6. Feel always free to ask any questions: Henkjan de Krijger henkjan@yoo.rs  or comment on this post. 

What does Yoors earn from?

  • When purchasing a bundle to distribute Yoors Love & Support, you pay a percentage extra for Yoors.
    Differs per bundle. This means that all Yps you give each other are 100% for each other. Yoors is not in there anymore.
  • To the subscriptions we are going to introduce soon. It always stays free ! You only pay for extra's. 
  • Yoors does not earn from advertisers or data dealers and other evil things because there are no ads.
    You're safe on Yoors. Your identity and privacy are guaranteed.

How do you give Love and Support ?

  • Anyone who signs up gets a 200 Yp bonus. Which you can save or give away by press once on the hearts you see.
  • Every heart a post or comment get is one vote.
  • So quality posts and comments rise to the top and get more votes etc.
  • You can reward posts and comments. So your comments can be rewarded too !
  • By clicking twice on the heart you can give more.

Any Questions ?  

It stays free. 

  • You can sign up here.
  • Yoors stays always free. 
  • You join a global community of real people from all over the world.
  • You can delete your account with one click. We really delete it and do not store any data.
  • After signing up you get a bonus so you can test Yoors Love and Pay Per Post.
  • You can give it away to friends and family.
  • You can start earning for yourself or others.
  • We are there for you to help with any questions. Just ask here.