Herfstknutsels en kleurplaten / Autum crafts and colouring pages.

Herfstboompje met egeltje
WC rolletje 
bruine verf 
stukje kastanjebolster

Werkwijze:Knip het rolletje aan de onderkant ongeveer 6x een stukje in (wortels)
Niet de bovenkant van het rolletje in het midden vast
Snij een "sterretje" (*) in de boom en duw de flapjes naar binnen (boomholte)
Plak de boom op het viltje
Verf de boom & viltje
Doe mooie (zelfgezochte) blaadejs bovenin de gaatjes
Plak het stukje bolster naast de boom (gele) en teken neusje + oogjes
Strooi nog wat kleine blaadjes op het viltje
PS de eerste drie punten door volwassene of groot kind laten doen.



  • klei
  • halve cocktailprikkers
  • blaadjes
  • kruidnagels
  • lijm (egel op bierviltje)


Hieronder twee originele herfstkleurplaten.
Deze zijn gemaakt door Lies de Nijs en zijn jaren terug al getoond op de website: Peuters en kleuters bezighouden van Millie.  Ze zijn alleen voor eigen gebruik en niet om elders op websites, Pinterest of blogs te plaatsen.
Uiteraard is het geen probleem om deze hele blog in zijn geheel te delen.

Two original autum colouring pages. They're made by Lies de Nijs and have been used, years ago on the website: keeping todlers busy by Millie. They are only for personal use. Please don't use them on other websites, Pinterest or blogs.
Sharing of this complete blog is great!

Sinterklaas en kerstpagina's met origineel materiaal beschikbaar zie link onderaan.
Sinterklaas and christmass pages; see link at the bottom..

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Men? What do you do with it sometimes!?
I haven't written a blog for a long time, but I'm now going to dedicate my time to a blog about men (the neat gentleman not included 😉) Last Friday, something crazy happened to me again. There was a one J. who sent me a *oops wrong number * app. (because he got 1 number out of 06 wrong and accidentally texted me) We chatted, got to talk. But that took a different turn very quickly. And the turn was, of course. SEX. Then I also found out pretty quickly that he also has a girlfriend and child! Whaaat!? I was done with it pretty quickly, another guy who had a girlfriend, another man who is all about sex. I must say, he was the hit, within 1 day I got whole sexual apps, a whole poem even about how he made lust with me in his fantasy! Gad-far-damme!! (so fast in 1 day, he really is a record! Haaa) And besides. He wasn't the prettiest either, really a farmer Harms hahaha. My mom was with me this weekend, and was able to enjoy this! Hahaha and what have we amazed. And sharing something like that with your mom is crazy! Hahaha I didn't respond to his sexual apps except the one sentence - that I was very surprised! The next morning I woke up, opened my app and what did I have?????? Dick picts! truly!!! And what roar one! Sorry to say it, hear! T didn't look. truly niet normaal ook lachwekkend hoor! Hahaha sorry can't help it Again very laughed and stunned with mothers! I said to my mom as a joke (I'm going to make it a calender for you later! My mom laugh (joh) I was so sorry that I really blocked him right away (although I should have done that before) shit heeee. But this also makes me think, that this is yet another man with girlfriend or wife, who is kind of cheating. The man of a game of Wordfeud/chat, the boy you meet on the street. And the dick cocks they send. How many man is this. The 6th or so. (an ex who speaks to you after years, sends such a photo and says maybe you missed it too!! Hahaha) Another 2 exes who liked it, an ex fling with girlfriend, this guyJ, and a few more. What is that about men, that they like that and kick it? More women may (h) acknowledge this. And have been approached by so many men with wives or girlfriends in life. The father at school, a neighbor with wife, an acquaintance, the snack bar you meet them everywhere. I'm really sorry to say, and it's a story of the chopon the branch. But an ode to the men who are not so bad or desperate. Halleluuujah. People seem to keep surprising you. And me. I wait as long for that good man to pass by. who doesn't usually just think about sex, which can be faithful and honest. Knowing that it's about passion and not lust. And so I can continue on this subject for a while. so? men? What should we do with it!? 😅