Hiding shoes, part 3

The five didn't know what they saw when they turned around!

In the stable suddenly there were four sheep, four pigs, two cows and among all these animals there were some chickens.
Hey??? What had happened here????
Behind them they heard someone coughing, quickly they turned around.
Suddenly they were face-to-face with a little girl and two ladies. The maidens laughed very kindly at the five, while the little girl put out her tongue naughty.
Tootje, the size of the girl, answered it by sticking out her tongue. The two girls looked at each other and then they laughed very hard.

“Hello children, “said the lady holding the little girl's hand.
“Hello, “they said in choir.
'We come here to shelter from the rain and thunderstorms. Are you okay with that?”
The five nodded, “yes, “said Lotte.
“Are all these animals yours?”, asked Lyne.
'Yes, all of you! Come with us and we'll introduce them to you.”

“Look, this is Bes, the oldest cow. And her name is Klara, she is the daughter of Bes.
This is Mamaloe with her three children: Luna, Lena and Pop, all sweet sheep.
The pigs are called Lieve, Loeve, Leuve and Lave.
The chickens have no names, but they are all very sweet, if you hold them you can pet them well.”
A chicken jumped against Leine, who immediately picked up the chicken. “Hello, little one, I call you Duck, how do you like that?” Everyone laughed at the joke of Leine and Leine, she laughed just as hard.

Lotte looked very closely at the two women who had appeared in the stable. She noticed that they were wearing separate clothes. The lady who had held the little girl's hand was probably the mother, the lady next to it was just that long, but she was still young. Lotte's look went to the shoes. For a moment, Lotte thought she was going to pass out...
“Are you all right, girl?”, asked the madam.
“Uh... I think so...“, Lotte managed to get out.
“Otherwise, you have to say it, then maybe you should lie down.”
“No, it's going again.”
Lotte ran fast to sisters and brother, who were stroking the sheep. Soon she took one more look at the shoes at the feet of their guests - she had seen it really well; the lady had two shoes on, just like the little girl, the young woman had only one shoe on. The scary thing was that it was the shoes they found just before under the wooden planks...

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