#history A brief history of fans
We can believe that the fan is a relatively recent invention, but the truth is that throughout history there have been different models and cooling systems that have been used with greater or lesser success by our ancestors:

The Egyptians wet their bedding to beat the heat and ensure a better rest.
Already 500 years BC in India and the Middle East, the “punkah” was created, a fan that hung from the ceiling and was driven by ropes pulled by servants. They are therefore the first semi-mechanical fans created by man.
We can also consider the Chinese as pioneers in mechanizing fans. Ding Huan was an inventor who, around the year 180, created a manually operated rotating fan to cool palace rooms.
It was not until the industrial revolution that the origin of the fan as we know it today occurred. In 1832, Omar-Rajeen Jumala created the first mechanical fan, it consisted of large metal or wooden blades driven by hydraulic wheels and in principle its use was intended for factories and coal mines.

In the same century, Thomas Alva, Edison and Nikola Tesla introduced electrical energy massively, which meant that at the end of the century an apprentice of Edison, the American schuyler skaats wheeler, could work on different projects and in 1886 he presented the first electric fans.

Only a few years later, Philip Diehl, an engineer of German origin who emigrated to the United States, had an idea that he patented in 1882. He mounted the blades of a fan on an electric motor that he had invented himself and that he had used for Singer sewing machines. After adapting the engine and placing the blades, he mounted his device on the ceiling, this is how the first ceiling fans began to appear. Later, he would make some modifications and added a ball joint to the fan, which allowed the air flow to be directed. It was the first oscillating fan.

Little by little, the fan was modified and updated to give rise to different types of fans, including the table, ceiling, wall and floor fan, its acceptance was so great that its use spread all over the world. We could say that among the inventions the fan helped in a very positive way different industrial sectors of the S. XIX, which has helped people around the world to combat heat efficiently and economically

History of the fan