Hoe blijf je uniek in deze blogwereld?

Hoe onderscheid jij je van alle bloggers?

Tja, een vraag die mij al een tijdje bezig houdt. Hoe kan je nog uniek zijn in een 'blog'wereld waarin het lijkt dat alles al een keer gezegd is. De vraag hoe ik mij kan onderscheiden van andere bloggers houdt mij bezig. Een aantal keren stond ik op het punt een blog te schrijven over een bepaald onderwerp, maar bedacht mij dan dat er al zoveel over dit onderwerp te vinden is. Dit was voor mij vaak de reden om een blog over een bepaald onderwerp NIET te schrijven.

Als je op het internet kijkt staan er zoveel onderwerpen waar iets over geschreven is. Als je denkt uniek te zijn en een onderwerp bedenkt, dan is er een grote kans dat je het onderwerp toch al ergens terug vindt op het internet. Wat nu?

Tips om jezelf te onderscheiden

1. Misschien wel de belangrijkste tip die ik mee wil geven: blijf jezelf
Als je dicht bij jezelf blijft dan ben je ook uniek. Ieder mens is uniek. Ieder mens kijkt ook weer op een eigen manier naar een bepaald onderwerp. Als jij dicht bij jezelf blijft en een blog schrijft over een bepaald onderwerp dan heb je al een begin van een uniek stuk.

2. Laat je fantasie de vrije loop en verzin iets waar jij blij van wordt.
Misschien bedenk jij wel een onderwerp waar nog nooit iemand over geschreven heeft. Ga eens bij jezelf na wat jij allemaal kan verzinnen. Let the sky be your limit. Als je blij wordt van een bepaald onderwerp ga er dan fijn over schrijven.

3. Probeer jouw creativiteit aan te wakkeren en kijk wat daar uit voort komt.
Pak eens een pen en papier bij de hand en begin te brainstormen wat er allemaal in je op komt. Neem hier even de tijd voor en je zal zien dat er meer ideeën voor onderwerpen in jouw hoofd zitten dan je misschien denkt. Schrijf gewoon alles op, hoe gek het ook klinkt.

3. Trek je niet te veel van andere bloggers aan.

Laat je niet te veel leiden door alles wat er al op het internet te vinden is aan blogs. Hierdoor kan het zijn dat jouw eigen creativiteit geblokkeerd wordt. Stop met het vergelijken van jezelf met andere bloggers. Je wil toch een eigen stijl creëren en geen copy cat worden van een andere blogger? Neem dus niet klakkeloos teksten over van een andere blogger, maar richt je meer op jouw visie op het onderwerp. Laat los.

4. Waar iedereen rechts gaat sla jij eens links af. Bewandel eens een ander pad.
Durf out of the box te denken en te zijn. Je wil toch uniek zijn en opvallen tussen alle bloggers? Durf risico's te nemen en zwem eens tegen de stroom in.

5. Veel blogs over hetzelfde onderwerp?
Als je over een onderwerp wil bloggen is er een grote kans dat er al veel te vinden is over dit onderwerp. Grote kans dat de half bloggende wereld al een plasje over dit onderwerp gedaan heeft. Toch wil ik meegeven dat je moet proberen je niet te laten weerhouden om over deze onderwerpen te bloggen. Zolang, ja daar komt hij weer, je maar dicht bij jezelf blijft. Jij kan het in een nieuw jasje gieten en laten weten hoe jij als persoon over een bepaald onderwerp denkt. Zo kan je zowat ieder onderwerp weer uniek maken.

6. DURF!
Wees jezelf, blijf dicht bij jezelf en trek je niet te veel aan van de mening van anderen. Er zullen altijd mensen zijn die jou interessant vinden, maar ook zat mensen die niets van je moeten weten. Zo gaat het in het dagelijks leven ook. Laat je niet leiden door dit fenomeen en pas je niet aan de verwachtingen van een ander aan. Als je dit wel doet, je raadt het al, verlies je de kracht van jouw uniekheid.

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Requiem: Chapter 3
- “It's Yukiko. Come on. Onegai ! Please! Open up and turn off all your wolf traps, so I won't inflate myself by accident.'I waited more or less patiently. As always, Gekko took his time to check everything. But then, who could you trust in these uncertain times? The intercom cracked: 'Sorry, Yu. You know the procedure. For the same money, you're a cloned version and you'll be roasting my sublime and unique brain with a laser gun.’ I sighed for a moment and pushed my thumb into the recess on the security panel in the doorframe. At the same time, I kept my eye on the spy while I clearly said my name: 'Yukiko Mitsukai.'Gekko did not like surprises. The door clicked out of the lock and I slipped in a hurry. The corridor was an airlock where I was given a shower with a fog that after a few minutes was sucked back into the ceiling via a grid. A cautious man made sure that he was as little as possible exposed to radioactive particles as they carried on.. I was now to the strict standards of my friend Gekko, sterile enough to meet him. Even though he knew that I was extremely cautious and did not enter the fallout zones, he did not want to take any risks. Somewhere in his condition I could understand and besides, Gekko was Gekko! “Gekko, this is urgent!Patience was no longer one of my better qualities. This had changed since my parents' death. I knew my father would reprike me if he was still alive.. That wasn't “Akai.”. ‘ Entrez, Mon Chere , 'he welcomed with a laughable French accent and the interconnecting door slipped open almost without sound and closed behind me when I had taken a few steps inside. His preference for phrases in foreign languages and his flawed pronunciation was sometimes hilarious, but it usually brought life to the brewery. ‘ Konnichiwa , Gekko-San.'I greeted the ict-guru as I raised my hand with an outstretched index finger as an informal greeting. Immaculate was a euphemism for the room where Gerekko Dai, Gekko for the friends and Mad Gekko for those who were not, spent most of his time in. Rarely would he leave the safe haven of his own room he designed. Exceptionally maybe in emergencies and even then his superbrain would find something to solve the emergency situation in no time.. An accidental fire alarm wouldn't move an inch outside his sheltered space. From his ultra-modern wheelchair, where he laced through his delineated realm with artistic finesse, he conjured his hands over an elongated horizontal touch screen. He touched a spot on this hardware here and there, controlling the oxygen supply, air conditioning and wall cooling, the full energy supply of his living space and, if necessary, he also hacked into the safety systems of the entire building and all of its devices.. The residents had, without knowing it, an eccentric guardian of the angel under their midst. Of course, through this system his daily order of a pizza ' quattro formaggi'. I think he really couldn't do without. His disability, a malformation of the lower body from birth, a consequence of radiation sickness in his mother, did not prevent him from being extremely mobile. Even if it was within the four walls of his empire. It also explained its immense fear of any visitors. I found myself in one of his easy deck chairs, a combination of futon and tatami with the touch of modern technology that Gekko's own. The furniture moved directly to my preferred position, a piece of information in the electronic memory of the recliner that responded to my stored prints, weight and movement pattern. I sighed! It was something I've been doing more lately. “You know..., “said Gekko as he monster me through his design owl glasses, “the soup is never eaten so hot... or anything like that.. Nankurunaisa , it's all gonna be fine again... you know, by the way, 'he obviously felt bored with the situation. ‘ Goshuushou ! Condolences.“Then he turned his vehicle one hundred and eighty degrees with a movement of his right hand over a sensor and went back into the data on his touchscreen and the various displays that flopped on and off. With his fur-colored hawaiian shirt and his glasses shouting 'NERD' in capital letters, he was a 'special'. I had a kind of hate love affair with this man. Gekko could sometimes make me drive up the walls with his meaningless or overly specific information. On the other hand, I had never been able to claim that it had broken up my acid to listen to his advice. At other times he could make me laugh with a single word but unfortunately the opposite was also true. He was a puzzle I was still making. But who would have to wait for other issues to be resolved. I had taken some leave, I had a lot of overtime I would never have taken.. Hopefully, I now had plenty of time to do what I had come to Gekko. “I want to ask you something...?'I started hesitantly. “That smells suspicious. Something that tends to illegality, 'was the brainful remark of the busy bee, who, like a wizard, made a slight turn on and off. “All right, Yu, I owe you a hundred years, so let it come, how can I make you happier today? A virtual trip to Yosemite National Park or a free weekend wellness spa at a trendy five-star hotel or just please you with my always appreciated pleasant presence! All experiences of which your toes will curl with pleasure, Gekko can deliver it all to you,... of course for a gentle and fair price.’ “I want you to hack into the Security Service site!’ The hands of Wizard Gekko kept floating in the air for a few seconds after my question. Slowly he lowered them and turned around. On his face had appeared a serious look. 'You know that there are quite bad punishments on it. One of those punishments you can sometimes end up in prison for. A place where you usually forget to die by everyone and may I remind you that they don't have my favorite pizza there... ', he looked at me without expressiveness over his glasses and there was a nasty silence between us. 'No problem, 'it suddenly sounded out of his mouth, where a sneaky grin appeared on. He shoved his glasses a little higher over his nose and turned back to his equipment, “what can I help you with today, forfeit a fine or give someone who wants to make you a long nose in retribution.?’ When I did not answer directly and he looked at me again questioning, I could not wipe the tears in time. No, I didn't want to, show weakness was for sissies. I cursed in the mouth but loud enough to get a raised eyebrow from Gekko, a black horizontal question mark without the tip, just seen above his flashy green design glasses. “When I asked the security officer if they had a trace of my parents' murderer or murderers, I got a lot of evasive answers.. We are following several tracks and unfortunately we can not give you anything concrete. Blah, blah.. You know, a lot of bleats but little wool, and yet I felt like they knew more than they told, something important maybe. That's why I was thinking about you, Gekko, if anyone can uncover their secrets, it's you..’ Gekko's broad grimace on the lips testified that he was clearly flattered, which, of course, was a calculated intent of my compliment. He held his head slightly tilted while he humming an unrecognizable tune.All right, let's find a back door.“At my questioning look, he explained. 'Every program has one or another ' backdoor' , a kind of loophole that the designer or programmer can use to access the program through a somewhat less orthodox way... by which I mean without using the user's usual password to open the program.’ His hands were busy in the weather. He opened screens, closed others, juggled with his hardware and dozens of programs and after fifteen minutes he looked at me with a satisfied look at his face: 'Bingo. Mom, I'm home!This sounded like a less successful imitation of some forgotten American movie star from last century. Even though there had been no smile on my face for a few weeks now, I had to smile for a moment. Gecko, crazier couldn't be, but he was The Man'. The person who could accomplish things that another did not yet understand the first letter of. ‘ Sugoi , cool”. I saw the Homeland Security logo on one of his screens with one line underneath: Request Dossier :…’. We looked at each other, I swallowed some saliva away from the tension, and Gekko tested the following letter combination on his touchscreen: “Mitsukai”. No Result! Arturo and Sachiko were also not the correct password. “Wrong file name, you have two more turns before your session is automatically closed”, the last disappointing answer was. I leaned disappointed backwards and tried to order my thoughts. How would the Security Service have cataloged this file? Hundreds of alarm bells and thousands of bells would probably go off at the Security Service when entering a fifth wrong input. Then Gekko's efforts were completely useless, perhaps even dangerous for his person if they tracked the hacker. They weren't that retarded at the Security Service now. However, the answer was on my lips, but Gekko was just as rapper than my answer and the word was already there before I had even spoken it: ' Akai ’. ‘ Strike !'cried Gekko triumphantly. It sounded more like Strik' but the result was. A laundry list of data scrolled across the screen and to the left of me a device came into operation, a light buzz accompanied a number of leaves that came out of a slider at the bottom of the printer, I hoped, with answers to my countless questions about the death of my parents. My computer friend made me take the documents. He may have been an outsider sometimes, which he himself always prayed with pride and self-mockery, but he left me my privacy as far as he could restrain his curiosity for a while. 'And...?'asked Gekko after one minute. As far as the limit of his patience. I saw that he had printed the data on interactive slides that worked the same way as his touchscreen. You saw at the top a file title with serial number and date of creation and below there were a number of pressure points in the bold and also a brief description of the facts. I read out loud. Password: AKAI File 190756 NVNW/SA Subject: Arturo Mitsukai - Sachiko Matai Date: 28-12-2111 Security Service Responsible: Superintendent Norino Vastai Deputy Inspector Shi Udesama Deputy Inspector Goro Fukamizu Responsible pathologist anatomist: Kim Huang, Morgue Sanctuary Short summary description logged on 28-12-2111: On Monday 28 December 2111 were the remains of Arturo Mitsukai and Sachiko Matai , his wife, after an anonymous phone call, found in the garden at the address of their domicile: 10 Chome Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo . According to the autopsy, the victims were inflicted several wounds with a sharp object which led to their final death. The murder weapon can be either a sharp knife, a kind of machete or sword. Research into the nature of the weapon is currently being investigated by our services. Given that no traces of blood were found at their home, it is assumed that the murders took place at a different location and that after their death the bodies were moved back to their home by the murderer (s). According to the report of the pathologist anatomist, death must have occurred on December 27, 2111 between 19h00 and 20h00 , dit steunende op de graad van rigor mortis op het moment van de identificatie op 28 December 2111 om 09h25. After the usual chemical analyzes, it was found that there were traces of narcotic substances in their bloodstream ( see blood analysis ). From this determination and analysis of the same substance found in the fogging mechanism of the victims' greenhouse, we can conclude that they were first sedated and then moved to the crime scene where the killer killed them and then brought them back. to their domicile.. My heart was pounding in my throat, I'd already felt better. I skipped the references to photos of the crime scene and pressed the field of ' modus operandi ’. The facts are classified under the heading of the ' Akai murders 'that have occurred in the region for several months. The modus operandi of the offender is similar in all cases. The victims are first sedated somehow, then injured to the bleeds, and then eventually decapitated with the murder weapon, which... I fled gawfully to Gekko's bathroom, where my protesting stomach could deposit its contents in the toilet bowl just in time. ‘ Anata from daijoubu desu ? How's it going, all right? Yu, everything okay?'asked a concerned Gekko on the other side of the bathroom door. 'Let me just... a few minutes to freshen up, 'replied the drawn face I saw looking at me in the mirror. I saw dark shadows, small walks of fatigue and sadness, and eyes with red veins that looked at me accusingly. A tired voice whispered in my head. Where were you when your parents needed you. You could have made a difference . I turned away from the mirror and flushed on. I had told myself a thousand times that I was not to blame for it, but in my head haunted and tormented me the thought that I had abandoned them somewhere. It was my imagination, and I knew it wasn't true, but sometimes I thought that people looked at me accusing, that they were talking about behind my back. “Look at that, Yukiko Mitsukai, she wasn't there to save her parents.“It hurt, God, what did it hurt?! Gekko looked at me disturbing when I came back in. I straightened with all the force I could bring in at that moment my chin. It was an unruly gesture and that carried away his satisfaction. I took the file back where I left it in vain and my eyes flew over the rest of the file. Two names I noticed. There were a number of casualties among gang members of the ' Skeelers ’. Coincidentally, I knew one of those street thugs.. The other name did ring a bell but I couldn't point it at home.. 'Stephen March, what does that tell me, 'I wondered. “You have to press his name, Yu, if any information is attached to it, it will probably be linked to his name.I was startled for a moment. Had I spoken my thoughts out loud? I urgently had to catch up with sleep or accidents would happen. Impatiently I tapped on the name Stephen March printed in text on the interactive slide in bold. copyright Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere Requiem: Chapter 2 or 4 - Requiem: Chapter 2 - Requiem: Chapter 4 -