Holiday (part 5) home via the bird doctor

Friday 25 September

At 9:00 we already closed the door of our holiday home, because at 11:00 for our 3 parrots we had an appointment with Nico and Yvonne of the University Cliniek voor Socischapsdieren in Utrecht and better too early than too late. Much too early, so on the way stopped and also early in Utrecht and after questions we were allowed to unload them. Mika and Eva went with me, and Lex went with Marco. This is about corona. We both did our story and then we were allowed to wait in the waiting room so the bird doctors could look at them. The students who walk there had asked all the questions. After some research and puncturing Lex's blood, the bird doctors came to tell us something. Mika picks (now no longer) probably because the cracked pen tip irritate her skin. We are now going to grow the feathers out and temporarily do not wobble and then in a while in a different way we will leave them all 3 wobble. After corona we will learn it ourselves, but a first time is quite laborious. After that, it's a matter of keeping track. We also go for this wick technique so that they can fly a little more, because Mika and Lex are starting to grease. Now both the amanzons and rosé cockatoos have a predisposition to it. Eva doesn't, but he's already flying little pieces. They sprayed Lex's nose, and something fluid came out. They also pricked blood, but that was all good.

They are also all 3 arranged in moulting. Not continuously, but we several times a year. However, this is not a bad sign. It means they get good nutrition and make them easier to make new feathers. A bird on poor feeding seems to hold feathers.

Eva had been picking something again, but already has a history with that and we can improve this by stimulating her even more in the search for food/play. We are really already on the right track, but there is always room to learn, so at home I could get started right away.

In the meantime we are already home for over a week and have already practiced with them to fly pieces (built very quietly) and also the search for food and we notice that they really start to like it. Especially Lex didn't like both in the beginning, but now has real fun and we also have to see, because wow what they have (spiritually) grown again.

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