Homage to our Father

I want to share this short video in which my brother sings a beautiful and very sad gaita zuliana to my father when he was recovering.
The moment was so special that it became a farewell, because the next day my father died.
In the video you can see a little boy next to the man in white. This boy's name was Sebastian, who died a few months later.
We believed that at that very moment the angel Sebas came looking for his grandfather.
Here are some of the lyrics of the song that my brother plays:
Maybe because the gray hair already covers my hair
And that life is too short for what I love you
I ask myself questions
without finding the answers
my throat stiff, while I want to scream loud..
Which will fill you with kisses?
Which makes you feel loved,
and bring those flowers to my last resting place?
Who will play with my dog,
and who will sleep in my bed,
and who will keep secrets in silence on my pillow.
Who will be inspired with me
to write the songs?
and who will wear my jacket and my 9 pants?
And who will fill your life with hope and illusions
And give our children their blessings