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Today I handed in my paper. I want him back soon because he's super beautiful. I spent a lot of hours in it and really enjoyed doing it. When I was going to hand in my paper, I immediately asked Miss Kyra when I could get it back. Miss Kyra asked me if I would like to write a piece for the newsletter about how I work at home now and how I feel about it.

I've finished almost all my work for this week. I made spelling and language today. Yesterday I made geography and newsconcept. I also finished my work yesterday. I found it difficult to make the page numbers and the table of contents but with the help of my mother it worked well. I learned a lot about how to write texts properly, as well as how the program Word works on the computer. If I could make another paper, I would be talking about the American Revolution, the slave trade, the French Revolution or the Russian Revolution. Because I really like history. I really enjoyed working out the history of Singapore. I always read the magazine Historia. That really is my favorite magazine. Books about history I also like to read.

This weekend was Easter and I hid eggs for my sisters. I hid one in the gutter in the garage. There was a ladder against it, because Dad painted the house at Easter. Next to the house was a big riser. I helped Dad move the riser and point things out on the riser. The second Easter day was cold so we went to hide eggs once more but then inside. When my sisters went to hide the eggs, Elfi hid one so well that we still haven't found it. They were real eggs, so we'll smell him soon enough hahaha. Elfi doesn't know where she hid it either.

Daddy has a lot of contact with the embassy in India. The work is done there, but the men are still trapped on the ship. We need to look at how they can go to the Netherlands. They won't save the last flight. So they are now looking at what other country they can fly to the Netherlands.

I watched Lego Masters for the weekend and I am now working on the Lego Masters assignment because I want to win the trip to Legoland. I was there when I was 3 and I would like to go there again. Because now I can go anywhere. Together with my sisters I sorted all my lego by color. I think that's a lot easier to build. I finish my school work for today, so I'm going to build the whole afternoon. #yoorsyoungestchallenge #Corona #Coronavirus #thuisonderwijs #werkstuk #Singapore #Pasen