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Home by Corona also has many advantages for me. Because of chronic fatigue syndrome, it is often difficult for me to wake up when the alarm clock goes. In order to be at school, I often have a cup of coffee in the morning. My favorite coffee is Latte Macchiato. He's the best at Hotel New York in Rotterdam. Sometimes I go there when I've had examinations at the hospital that were annoying. Or with exciting examinations like an MRI scan. But now I wake up when I want to and I don't need coffee. But I like it sometimes to have. Because I wake up when I want to, I'm much fitter. Kind of crazy that I'm just awake from myself around 8:00. I go to school work and because I'm less tired I'm doing very well. I finished all my school work yesterday. I'm learning how to organize my own work. Everything I've made, I'm stripping off the list, and it feels really good.

I found it very difficult at school to write an essay. That's because there's always a lot of ideas in my head. For my blog, I also need to think carefully about what I'm going to write. Mom writes for her work very often and taught me how to do it. That I always have to answer a few questions.

My sisters usually do a lot of sports. They are very good at athletics and win a lot of prizes. They have to move or they get annoying. Emma said a few dirty words at the table last night, and Dad said something. Emma said, β€œIt doesn't matter if I get grounded, because I can't leave anyway. β€œ We all had to laugh very hard about it. Wednesday night they ran 3 km and last night they went cycling with Dad and I went with him. We cycled 11.5 km. We almost didn't see any people. It was nice and quiet on the street.

I saw the Minister of Care resigned. Minister Hugo de Jonge will take over. I met him in December when I was allowed to sign the interplay agreement. This minister is a very sweet man. He was waiting for us at the special tram we were in together with the Minister of Disabled Affairs. I think he's going to do very well.

Today, Dorine called my physio. She had groceries for us. I think that's very sweet of her. There were also a lot of nice things. Thank you, Dorine!

I might go sailing on the weekend. I have an optimist. A year ago, my optimist's sword was stolen. It's a kind of wooden board. He was quite heavy and was nicely smooth and convex made. Now I'm going to make a new sword with Daddy. If I go sailing, I'll be safe in my boat and no one will come near. In the summer I go to sailing camp. I'll go to the sailing school where my mother used to go. I was supposed to leave with Dad for a weekend on a sailboat. Hopefully that can continue. Mom and Dad both used to give sailors. That's how they got to know each other. Daddy is going to teach me how to sail in a keel boat, because I'm going to sail in the summer as well. Last year, I went to her sailing school with my mom. All employees from the past were there. Emma, Elfi and I were the only kids because Noud was in the hospital then and Mom couldn't get a babysitter. They went sailing for a game. We were also allowed at the helm. I thought it was very cool that they were sailing right through a work of art. I look forward to the weekend and hope we can finish my sword in time. Have a nice weekend and see you tomorrow.The picture is a picture from when I was 5 years old. I did my first sailing course then. Then you can see what an optimist looks like πŸ˜β›΅
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