Home Decor Wallpaper Friendly to the Planet

The home decor wallpaper comes back with home fashions with a variety of designs including environmentally friendly wall cover designed to support sustainable living.

Organic wall coverings are natural coverings that incorporate grass, hemp and other natural fabrics similar to the way they were before modern and sophisticated printing techniques. They bring good texture to the room while minimizing the amount of natural resources needed for production and the pollution they can cause.

There are grass fabrics made from honey scissors, natural cocoa, and mica metallic supported cellulose. Sisal wall coverings are made of recycled sisal carpets and many are made of hemp fabric.

The inks used for environmentally friendly wallpaper are based on water that contains heavy metals such as mercury or lead that eliminates any toxins. There are no flexible organic compounds, (VOC's) so there will be no risk of exhaust.

Many breathe which helps to reduce mold and mildew on the wall. These can be good for high humidity areas and for people who are allergic to certain foods.

Due to the endless number of colors, patterns and textures you can choose, home decor wallpaper can be affordable, stylish and durable and have a place in every room of the house and at work.

A home decoration wallpaper can add size to a room, make it look bigger, smaller, taller or more comfortable and highlight the main features of the room by drawing attention to it or downgrading problem areas of the room.

Add the illusion of height to rooms with low ceilings with straight lines by drawing an eye up.
The best way to achieve a sense of scope is to have bright or neutral colors, and dark colors add drama to the room.
Give the long room the idea of ​​being more square by using a warm black color at the short end of the room to show the room next to the light color on the long side so that it recedes and looks very far apart.
Pastel colors enlarge the room and make the wall atmosphere look bigger.
Remember the scale and number of patterns towards the room but there is no rule that you can not use a large pattern in a small room.
The widely separated patterns have a lot of white space in the middle that gives a clear open air in the room.
Large scales and all flowers make a straight, elegant and formal statement.
The small print creates a cool and intimate atmosphere.
So if the use of home decor wallpaper is in your future decorating program look for environmentally friendly papers with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) markers that certify paperwork in nature-friendly forests and under green production guidelines as an alternative. to restore the planet.