Home decoration and design

Many art collectors are confused about how to make home decorations with their precious art collections. Perhaps their design does not match the sofa with other furniture, or the color difference between the artwork and the rooms does not match. This is because there is a difference between works of art and decorative designs. Only when collectors learn how to choose works of art that will fit their rooms, these problems can be solved gradually.

First, one thing we need to make clear is that the way to display works of art at home is different from the gallery. Private information, not public information; so activities can be organized in different free styles as we like.

In works of art, the planned drawings are best suited for home decorations. Display positions should be selected for complete and appropriate walls to inform. Aside from the themes and styles of the painting works, we should consider whether the painting space, the wall area and the neighboring furniture fit well or not. Apart from that, consideration should be given to how to maintain a living balance between the hangings of the painting and the neighboring furniture. Small paintings are a good choice where small size walls and large paintings can create the effect of congestion; large-scale paintings are preferred where large walls and small paintings will look blank and empty. However, the right empty space left on the walls is important, or the artistic effects of the paintings will be minimized.

With a modest effect, the drawings can be arranged in a balanced style. For example, one or more drawings may be hung in the central part of a sofa, fireplace or sleeping area; while unequal planning can produce a living result. Generally, the edges of the painting should not be too close to the edges of the furniture, and at least 20-30cm spaces should be left; the color of the paintings and frames should match that of the furniture, which can produce a harmonious beauty.

Although each piece of art has a character and a certain beauty, it must work well with the environment, otherwise it may lose its appeal to the eyes of beauty lovers.

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