#gardening It is important to emphasize that in pest and disease control it is important not only to resort to the use of biological and homemade insecticides that not only fight pests ecologically, but also to combine these with other controls such as: integrated pest management using natural predators, folding traps and attractants of pests pests, use of aromatic plants, associations between different crop families, etc. 

Our farmers and, long before chemical pesticides were invented, used home remedies to control or mitigate insect invasions that affect plants. They are natural alternatives to that you can easily make at home and can save the harvest of our garden. At the same time you are taking care of the environment, and the land that belongs to everyone
Among the insecticides you can apply are:

Garlic in infusions with soap, in spray, for various insects
Tomato leaves in infusions for aphids, worms and caterpillars
Tobacco leaves infused with soap to combat spider mites, are some of the home controls that can be useful, here are several links that you can consult

Homemade pesticides to eliminate pests in the garden