Nightshat 9 'Homesick'

Like the clock ticks at home...

Visiting an aunt and an uncle.
But don't feel so nice
Don't know how it came, what would that be...
Can't explain it, but just...

If only I was at home, it suddenly feels far away
My own things, my rhythm, being myself
Spontaneously sing a song, or another beer
Nice for the tube, as one sometimes says
But, yeah, now I'm sitting here.

I think I know, I know what I feel
It even has a name
That little word, homesick, you say something
It sounds dramatic, I don't mean it that way
I wish I was in my own chair
I'd like to go here

Are you at home, or perhaps not?
Do you know what you left behind?
No, not just that clock, it's much more
It is where your heart lies, that leaving hurts

Sleep friends, preferably in their own bed
Would say, sleep is
my friends, I'll talk to you soon

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