Last year on my birthday (October 2, 2019) we went to the kitchen company to look at a new kitchen. The one in the picture we found the most beautiful. With us the layout will be different, but then it will give you an idea.

A few weeks later they measured the kitchen and after a reflection period of 2 months we had a new conversation to make it final. I would have preferred of course right the new kitchen ordered, but the cooling-off period was good, because where we did not want the dishwasher. There was a branch of the (block) heating and it could not be removed far enough.

The removal of the heating block was at all hassle with various appointments, not showing up, at first being able to take far enough away, then again not. Advice that we should take a smaller dishwasher, while then our question was not.

Eventually it turned out fine when other residents had leakage on the block heating. The boiler had to be empty and in the meantime they had time to remove the heating from us. In any case, we never used the heating in the kitchen and he was always in the way.


Hooray a new kitchen NOT #003