HORSE (animal): together are one!

#PAARDEN 😍 The horse is a domesticated #hoefdier of the order of ungulates, and of the family of equidae. The scientific name of the domesticated horse was published as Equus caballus in 1758 by Carl Linnaeus. The domesticated horse is mainly kept as a riding and draught animal.
Synonyms for horse include #knol and #ros . Tuber is an informal designation for a — usually old and bad — horse. Ros is used in the combination noble steed. In function or context, peasant horse, hardtrover, cart horse, packet horse, racehorse, riding horse, battle rose, draught horse and workhorse are distinguished.

Because the horse is considered a noble animal, horse lovers such as riders and coachmen usually use the terms head, mouth and legs instead of head, mouth and legs. This habit has now also continued in the daily use of speech.