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Sara got up very early to ride with Katja.
It had snowed that night.
There wasn't a nicer outdoor ride.
She had saddled Diesel on and went out with Katja. They've been driving for hours. And suddenly the weather started snowing, they decided to drive the fastest way back. .
And there went wrong Katja's horse slipped and Sara fell trying to take Katja and her horse off the road.
A truck arrived that was in full brakes. . But slipped and hit both shunning Diesel pangled and Sara fell off.
She was in hospital weeks later, she had been in a coma for four weeks, amputated her leg bass and got a prosthesis to learn how to walk again. But the first thing she asked about was her best friend and horse. .
Her mother told her best friend didn't survive and diesel wasn't the horse he's always been.
She decided to go to diesel.
She shocked his head was completely broken on one side and there were big wounds on the chest. .
She got depressed and didn't want to go to school anymore.
Her mom is going google . And then she ran into the horse whisperer and decided to load the horse together with her daughter, who didn't want to go at all. Sara had given up but her mother didn't.
They had to drive four days before they got there. . But Sara was bothered. . and didn't want to know about it
She ignored her mom. . Diesel was very restless and sedated every time.
At last they were in place of destination. . with the horse whisperer Cris Kurby But he didn't want to know about it. . But Sara's Mother kept pushing and urging to look at Diesel.
the next day. Cris Kurby Sara and her mother stayed at the hotel.
He finally went to look at Diesel and decided to take the horse to the farm.
It was a big family with lots of land, and a house where Sara and her mother stayed.
Cris Kurby had a cattle company, which also had a lot of work.
So Sara and her mother had to work with cows, milking, cleaning stables and much more. In between, Cris started working with the horse.

This is still being prosecuted.
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