How can you delete or restore emails in AOL Mail Login

How can you delete or restore emails in AOL Mail

aol mail login, also known as AIM Mail is a free webmail service provider which offers incredible features including top-notch security and spam protection. 

Well, it is different from other webmail service providers because there is no need for any special software and it is available free of cost for everyone. Not just AOL subscribers, but anyone can access its service by AOL Mail login.

In this blog post, we will discuss all the appropriate methods used to delete or restore mail via AOL Mail platform. If you are worried about overcrowding your AOL Mail login inbox with unwanted and useless messages, we are moving ahead to elaborate on it so that you can organize your inbox by keeping the emails that you need. Just come along with me.

Learn the way to delete a single email

Here are the steps to remove a single mail that you don’t want to have in your AOL Mail login.

Access the Inbox or folder where your message is stored.
Select the email you wish to remove by selecting that mail.
Click the delete icon in AOL Mail and now that mail will get removed.

What if you want to delete multiple emails?

In case, you don’t want to delete emails one by one, follow the given steps to delete numerous messages at once.

Access the AOL Inbox or folder where your message is stored.
Check all the boxes in front of messages that you wish to remove.
You will see the Delete icon available at the upper side of the screen.

That’s it! You have successfully deleted all the unwanted emails at once.

Is there any way to restore deleted emails?

Yes! You can restore the removed messages by following a few easy steps outlined below.

Navigate to the Trash folder.
Decide which message to restore.
Press the “More” option.
Get to the inbox and click “Move to”.

In this way, you can restore your deleted emails to your AOL Mail login.

A few remarkable points to keep in mind:

There is no way to cancel restore requests.
Restoration process doesn't always work.


AOL Mail started out as a simple communication tool but now spread its services across multiple countries. There is no secret that AOL Mail login is trusted by millions of individuals, and it stems from the fact that it is equipped with exclusive features and enhanced security.

Well, I have elucidated the complete guide to deleting AOL Mail as well as the process to restore them. Hope you have understood and enjoyed this write-up. Wrapping up this read with one more important point to note that the emails in draft or spam folders will not be restored at any cost.