How Can You Increase The Performance Of Your Engine?

Everyone loves to drive high performance engines. While the best of the automotive performance shop will help you create the highest performing engines, a few steps you can take yourself that will help you increase the performance of it. Your engine is the soul of your vehicle, and you must nourish it from time to time.

We are aware that a lot of promises have been made since the internal combustion engine came into being; gasoline additives, miracle lubricants; new-fangled carburetors, a host of other magical things to power your engine each with their own disadvantages. We also know that there are no free-lunches in the world of high-performance engines. If you are driving your vehicle for quite some time, you must know that engines are mostly about physics, math, and the mechanism of turning heat energy into motion. So, how on earth you get more twist from the same heat energy and rotary monkey motion? Let us unfold the mystery here.

1. Use synthetic lubricants: There is a beauty behind using these synthetic lubricants. They offer better lubrication between moving parts than the conventional ones. Another advantage of these lubricants is that they do not break down in high-heat and they can manage the high-stress situations, which is why you will also see a lot of them with high performance engines. If you are driving your vehicle in colder regions, they also offer extreme weather protection.

2. Ignition: Most of the modern ignition systems are meant for low maintenance and thus, we miss to check them until we observe any tell-tale signs. The fact remains, car maintenance must include checking the ignition no matter what. You also must change the spark plugs periodically. Whenever you feel that there is a need to change the ignition parts, go for the high-performance ones. Original equipment grade is your best approach here.

3. Go for larger throttle body and injectors: If you want a high-performance engine, you must choose large throttle body and injectors. A high-performance body will deliver more horsepower. It will all depend upon the type of engine that you use and changing the body will fetch you 10-20 more horsepower. There is also a catch here, go too large and you can lose your entire power. Check it with an experience mechanic to know which type of body will suit your engine.

4. The Compression: If you want to increase your horsepower, a simple technique is to increase your vehicle’s compression. You must build compression into your engine and you will get more power. Throughout the last century, there is no other common way to increase the engine power.

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