How do otters live?

What a great critters they are, the otters! With their thick fur, protecting them from the cold, these mammals live in the water. They have lungs to breathe and the little otters drink at the mother, so they are aquatic mammals, just like eg. the seal, the whale and a dolphin. They have big flush spots so they're really good swimmers. Did you know that he sleeps in an algae bed, so made of weed and floating plants? Thus, the animal is not dragged by the stream, convenient! You can usually find the otters close to the rocks, where many algae grow.


Photo: christals


photo: Cuyahoga

When he gets out of his algae bed in the morning, he first licks himself completely clean, he really spends a lot of time on it.! You also often see them floating on their backs, and when the water is cold, he lets his belly warm by the sun. And it's certainly true what you sometimes see, mother takes her cub on her stomach, to teach it to swim, but also so that the young can drink. That's super cute.? When mother goes underwater, she captures the young with seaweed so it can't float away.


Photo: anncapictures


Photo: Artyangel

Also, the otter loves to eat sea urchins and tasty crabs like it too. For that, the otter can dive deep. The otter can stay underwater for up to 8 minutes. The handsome animal uses its belly as a table to eat its delicacies. He needs a lot of energy to stay warm, so he eats much more! He also likes crustaceans, fish, snails and starfish. The otter is even smart enough to break open his own food, he just does it with a stone. Wonderfully handsome!

How much like the otters we as a human being, huh?

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