How do you come up with a good band name? Z

How do you come up with a good band name?

How do you come up with a good band name?


When you get together as a group of musicians and make great music, you want to have a great name for your band. One that is pleasant to the ear, whether you choose a short name or perhaps a long name. Choosing a name for your band is quite a tricky business, because you want your band name to be clearly visible and you want your audience to recognise it quickly and be able to pronounce it easily. You also want your band name to sound unique and you want it to shine in the centre of attention.

Your band name should also be visible on the Internet, so that it is easily found and gets a good spot on Google, preferably on the first page of course. Also make sure your band name fits the music genre you play. For example, if you are a rock band, choose a more rugged name.

In short, a lot of things to brainstorm about. How do you go about it? There are various options for choosing a cool name for your band.

20 ideas for making up a band name

There are several creative ways to look for a fun and good name for your band.

Many existing bands have derived their name from a song by another band, for example.

For example: The Rolling Stones chose their name after a song by Muddy Waters. But be careful not to copy the title song literally otherwise when people search for your name, the title song of the other artist will come up. Muddy Waters' song is called Rollin'Stone. So the Rolling Stones just changed a few letters and it's fine.

There are also bands who made their name by looking at food.

For example: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bananarama, Salt 'N Pepa, Vanilla Ice, Black Eyed Peas, Smashing Pumpkins.

Open any book and point to a word with your finger while not looking. This way you might find a nice word. If you want your band name to consist of more than one word, repeat by randomly opening the book again and choosing a word again. Then see if you can combine these words.

Play with letters by removing the vowels or consonants from words. For example, the word MODERN can be changed to MDRN. Or play with the letters, like for example BLOCKS changed into BLOCS We also know the band INXS who played with the letters by mixing them to create a unique name. So mix up those letters.

For a name for your band, you can also think of place names, countries, or places you have been, or use the word street. Examples of bands who have done that are: Kansas, Chicago, Kensington, Boston, Europe, Linkin Park, Berlin, Nazareth, Backstreet Boys, Big In Japan.

Go brainstorm with a friend. Often when you start talking randomly to each other, very nice things can come out of it and maybe even a name for your band.

Go brainstorm with your band members. Look at photos, magazines and listen to music and talk about your childhood or recall memories from your school days and find inspiration in each other. Give each band member a sheet of paper and let them write down words that come to mind. After a while, put all the sheets of paper side by side and start mixing words.

Make sure your band name matches the genre of music you make. Examples of bands that have an appropriate name are: The Prodigy. The meaning of The Prodigy is The Wonderchild. This is very much in line with the genius of the music the band has made, such as Firestarter, or Out of Space for example. Also Massive Attack, for example. The name totally fits the style of music they make. It's a mix of different musical styles, such as rap, hip-hop, funk, soul, and then packed into one song, which is incredibly clever and really comes across as an attraction. Think of the songs Unfinished Sympathy, Voodoo In My Blood, for example. Rock bands often have cool names too, such as ACDC, Metallica, Guns 'n Roses.

Use an animal name for your band. Many bands have gone before you. Think for example of: Snoop Doggy Dog, Steppenwolf, The Monkees, Counting Crows, Eagles, The Beatles, Beastie Boys, Scorpions, Gorillaz.

Use numbers with your name for your band. If you already have a name but want to add a few more songs, that can be really cool too. Examples of bands with a name and number are: U2, Maroon5, 5 Seconds of Summer, 10CC, UB40, Level42, 4 Non Blondes.

Use a Band Name Generator. A Band Name Generator can be very useful and inspiring. It works very simply. You type in a word for your band name and the Band Name Generator gives you nice options with that keyword. You can type in a different word each time and who knows, your future band name might be among them. Different types you can use for your name research are:

Band Name Maker

Business Name Maker

Band Name Generator by

Bandname Genarator By Worldlab

Fantasy Name Generator

Name Generator Fun

Metal Band

Al- Powered Band Name Generator

Choose a name for your band that your audience can easily remember. If you have a name that sticks in the mind of your audience, you will be more recognisable when your name is mentioned or written down somewhere. For example Drake, Madonna, Jay-Z . Not only short names are effective, also long names can be very interesting, like Red Hot Chili Peppers or Clearwater Creedence Revival.

Choose a name for your band that is not too difficult and also easy for someone to pronounce. Word of mouth is very important for your band and how nice it is when someone can tell his friends what the band is called that he visited last time. Simple names that are easy on the ears are more likely to be remembered and passed on.

Make sure your name is repeated if you choose one of two or three words. This is also called alliteration or alliteration. Examples of such names are: Beastie Boys, Beast of Burden, Claw Boys Claw, Duran Duran. You can see that the sounds correspond to each other.

Mix the names of your band members and who knows, maybe it will come up with a surprising name for your band.

Make sure you check the name you have come up with for your band and want to use it, to make sure it doesn't already exist. Register a domain name for your band right away, make a social media page, create an account on Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube, so that your name is fixed and cannot be used by someone else.

When you start a band, you have to think of so many things, including merchandise. So look carefully at what name you want to use and in what style and what kind of merchandise you want to make, such as t-shirts, stickers, posters. Make sure, for example, that your name has clearly recognisable letters, so that the name of your band is easy to read. A band name that is easy to read is better remembered. Also think about your band logo. Does it fit with the name you wanna give your band.

Look carefully at the meaning of the name you have come up with for your band. What does it mean and are there no chances that the name will be misinterpreted by your audience?

Use a list of words and cross out a letter for each word and then see what you can make of it. You can also combine several words with each other. For example: Beans You take away the s and you get bean. You put another word from the list before or after it, for example the word yellow and then you can make the combination Yellow Bean.

Involve your audience to come up with a nice name for your band. Make sure you can reach them on social media channels and make a post on your page with Help us find a cool name. Discuss the suggestions for names that come in with each other as band members and you can mix and match the words, take letters off or add words. Show your followers how you go about it with video and pictures.


Q & A about trademark for bands

What is needed to trademark your band?
Visit the page of United States Patent and Trademark Office and do a trademark search. You have to check and be sure if someone else has already trademarked the name.

How long is a trademark valid?
Your trademark is valid for as long as you want it, but you have to renew it every ten years.

How many costs a trademark for a band?
To register your band for trademark it costs
$ 275 per international class for registration
For other costs check this website

What is the difference between trademark and copyright?
As a band you need to know information about trademark and copyright as well. Both things are important for your business as a musician. Trademark protect your business logo, your brand name and slogan and if you are registerd you are sure that your name of the band is safe. Copyright is protecting original work, like the songs you have written. So it's not possible to copyright your bandname.
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