How do you do that, Pietje? (88)

... thunder at the clear sky...

An unexpected question

Follow-up story Kalle and Pietje, part 88

Surprisingly, Judith comes to Pietje with a cup of tea. The question “How do you do that, Pietje?“comes to her like a thunder from the clear sky. For heaven is indeed clear after that biblical text from Jeremiah.


Pietje chooses to respond openly and honestly. She testifies to her new faith and how God gives her strength in this situation. The warm feeling is an essential part of her story. Judith is now even more impressed. In such a way that she also expresses it in public.

Pietje realizes that this opens doors, which she could never have opened herself. Human seen thanks to Judith, but deeply of course thanks to no less God Himself. She has tears in the eyes of this unexpected turn in her situation. She prays God for more words.

In this spring month, the key word in the @140woorden Challenge: teacot . Do you see where that is housed in this part of the story?


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