How Do You Get Scabies?

What causes scabies? Scabies is a contagious skin disease caused by an eight-legged animal called the Sarcoptes scabiei, itch mite. These insects are small and need energy-intensive lenses to look good. The caterpillars pierce the victim's skin and cause scabies symptoms of severe itching in that area. The sting becomes intense and frightening at night.

Scabies is common, and the question you should ask yourself is; How do people get scabies? The disease is contagious, and can spread from person to person easily and quickly. A handshake is enough to bring salt to you. These insects can not jump, but they can pass from one person to another by contact, clothing, or anything else that they can rest on. It is important to note that these insects do not have a long life span away from the human body. Things that caterpillars can easily cling to include mats, carpets, living rooms, rugs, mattresses, and cuddly toys.

The causes of scabies are many, and the main ones are contact and clothing sharing. However, there are other causes such as overcrowding in rental districts and inadequate personal hygiene. Anyone can get infected and become infected again. In many cases, the infection makes the human body resistant to re-infection. The disease is more common in the military during wartime.

However, it is not easy to get the disease by sharing clothes or shaking hands with people who have the virus. Sexual contact is one of the causes of scabies and is a good way to infect another person with this animal. Any other close physical contact is a direct means of transmitting the disease. These practices include kissing and embracing between relatives. Standing on the sidelines like bus stops is not enough to present the possibility of spreading the disease.

It is important to note that animals have a different type of insect that can survive in the human body. It will die in the human body, and the degree of itching is limited. This scratching will also go away over time. If you leave the scab untreated, it will spread throughout the body and become worse.

In the early weeks of the onset of the disease, itching is mild and intense at night. However, as time goes on and there is no cure for the disease, the itching will get worse until the break of the incontinence break. A patient with scabies will only accept this condition after a bad bite that will keep them awake all night. The degree of biting from the disease will ensure that you get treatment as soon as possible.

You need to know that you need to contact the infected person for a few minutes to get the mosquitoes out of your body. Without a human presence, mosquitoes would only survive for three days. However, the larvae and eggs of this animal can survive much longer. To eliminate this mite, you must kill all stages of its life and reproduction. The use of worm killers is the first step in treating the disease. It comes in the form of a cream that will be applied once a day and left overnight and washed during the day. This app is done all week. Second, he will treat the disease using oral medication. This sounds better and does not give the patient much suffering than using a cream. Dosage recommendations vary depending on the patient's body weight.

However, you need to be careful because medication can have a negative impact on your health. If you have a disturbing symptom of scabies, get medical attention immediately. Different people have different levels of infection. The main breeding grounds are prisons, nursing homes and community centers. Avoid overcrowded areas to prevent infection.

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