How do you make it?

A question that is often asked but unfortunately usually not a comprehensive answer is expected. Especially in the time when no one really has time and there is much more time to look on a screen than there are still real talk on the street. Even though it is often more out of courtesy than listening to the answer, this question remains an important question. I would like an answer to this question and would like to know how to make it... “How do you make it? “... connects people and that is my goal. That is why I am putting this question to you today and I am happy to hear your answer. The hashtag #hoemaaktuhet applies to a lot of things and as a pleasantly insane creative centipede I would like to build together with you... let us say it can become a kind of guide to prepare dishes, restore things, recycle objects, perform small jobs,... and above all help each other and listen to each other.

In every industry you come across this question... just think of the following questions:

How to make a vegan cupcake? How to make a punctured bicycle tire? How to create a blog? How to make a delicious cup of coffee? How to make wallpaper glue? How to make jam? How to make a shopping list? How to create a handy planner? How to make a simple painting? How to make gluten-free pancakes? How to make a leaking crane? How to make a fun tea cap? How to make cute children's clothing? How to make an environmentally friendly crocheted bag? How to make a handbag from old jeans trousers?

In short: How do you make it?

So are you a handy harry or hariette, a kitchen princess or prince, a great handyman or woman, an artistic miracle, a creative DIY artist, a seasoned recycling artist, a passionate tea cutter, a passionate painter, an expert in wallpaper glue making,... feel free to use the hashtag #hoemaaktuhet so I can make it a sort of collector's guide. For example, I was thinking about the following subdivisions:

  1. #hoemaaktuhet #recept
  2. #hoemaaktuhet #kleineherstelling
  3. #hoemaaktuhet #recyclageproject
  4. #hoemaaktuhet #creatieveuitspatting
  5. #hoemaaktuhet #naaiproject
  6. #hoemaaktuhet #klusprojectinhuis
  7. #hoemaaktuhet #tuinverfraaiing

Let go above all, I would say and share your ideas with ease, one requirement be original and authentic, so just place things that you have made yourself. The instruction blogs of DIY business can also be found on other channels.

Maybe we can even create a category with #hoemaaktuhet #oprechteinteresse #gewooneenpraatje where we can have a chat with each other about the daily activities.

As you may have noticed, just before 2020 I started with a small set of recipes that are in the theme #hoemaaktuhet #recept fit: These are them... definitely take a look.

How do you make it? I await your reactions and reservations in suspense...


Mrs. Stip...

Pleasantly insane creative centipede with a passion for cooking and theatre...