How does sensory crafts work?

Every child born grows up withincentiveswho are his or hersensesexcite.What is a sense according to Dale's dictionary?

'organ capable of incorporating external stimuli: ear, eye, nose, tongue and skin'

- ability to absorb external stimuli:hearing, face, smell, taste and feeling

As you read, we have several #zintuigen that can be stimulated. But why is this so important for a child?

Children start very young, by touching their senses with their mouths. They feel how something feels, hard or soft, whether it tastes like something. Because of this, they learn to feel and recognize shapes. They learn to express themselves in their feelings through, for example, play with sand. By hearing a song, a child can express himself on the contrary by moving. No matter how you do it, incentives are everywhere. To read more about children's senses I refer to this page of Wikikids:

To get started with children myself, I made a beautiful and diverse overview of all kinds of sensory crafts or activities. It is important that every child has his or her pace in doing things. Where one child goes completely loose on the paint, the other prefer not to get his hands dirty. The latter needs more steps to do something, and that's fine. What is important is that this is about experiencing, and seeing, what it can and should do with a child.

image header: Pixabay

On the group Crafts for Children 0-4 years Geertrui Janssens introduced 3 types of activities.The 1st idea3 pictures. Here is painted by means of marbles in a box that are rolled back and forth. In the box on the bottom is a white paper. The movement and the colors are a great stimulus for the senses!

And the2nd ideain terms of making the same but with making a print!Geertrui tells:With a box with a leaf inside, blobs of paint and marbles you will make a colorful sheet. Then you stamp that sheet 4 x on a large sheet.True printing!

3rd idea:The following 2 pictures show how you can work with bubble wrap {e.g. a ball with bubble wrap} and paint. Due to its structure, the material already has a stimulating effect on the senses. Being busy with different colors of paint is of course already an incentive in itself!

Tip:A nice way to get a little pig dirty is to use the drawing in a bowl of marbles and some muddy paint.. and then roll back and forth with the tray!

This fun idea triedLucyand she also has her own Instagram page: @flisatfun

You can find them below:


Playing with colored rice: beautiful colors and with your hands inside. Click on the link how to create this:


All kinds of tips for playing with paint. Click the


Create a bare footpath with all kinds of materials. Through the feet, children experience all kinds of stimuli.

Source: see photo

Cover a ball with bubble plastic and roll through paint in pairs in a low box. That feels funny!


Create your own shaker and experience sounds like it's raining. Read on the link how to make them.


Or you're going to paint with wire


Making feeling pouches also contributes to the experience of sensing things and feeling differences.


Experience various materials.


You can also make feel memory. Kids can also help with collecting these materials and you then play the game.

Source:Emilie Dewispelaere

Senses inspiration:

How does it work? #menselijk Body? Part 4: The Senses.

Everything about the senses but brought in a playful way

Did you know you could learn with Pompons?

Learn and experience with the senses!

Fruit crafts with sand and chalk

Lovely play with sand and chalk and play with your fingers and craft.

How do toddlers and preschoolers learn the colors?

Teaching the colors through different shapes

Spin Art with the salad spinner - twisted fun!

See paint mixing when turning the salad spinner!

Banana and pear crafting

By making clots you stimulate fine hand motor skills but also the experience of material between the fingers.

Mud Day compilation photos!

The super way to experience wet mud with all senses!

Mud Activities - Mud Mud Mud Mud Mud

Delicious mucus is of course super fine to stimulate the senses

Part 3: Duckling in the rain-raincanister-tips

Making such a rainquiver stimulates the hearing of sound!

Create spybottles (Marloes idea)

Nice idea to stimulate vision as a sense!

A fun inspiring game for the senses is the Haba game.

Check out the game here.

A nice book written about the senses is:The Best Nosesby Helen Rundgren.

Summary:Many animals think they have the best nose in the world. Or the best ears, or the best eyes. But who's right? Maybe it depends on who you are. And what you want to smell, hear or see! In this colorful book, animals compete with each other over who has the best sense of smell, sight and hearing. With fun facts and playful illustrations

Check out the book here.

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