A sitcom, cutting for situational parody (circumstance satire in the U.S.), is a sort of satire fixated on a decent arrangement of characters who generally continue from one episode to another. Sitcoms can appear differently about outline parody, where a group might involve new characters in each sketch, and stand-up satire, where a jokester makes wisecracks and stories to a crowd of people. Sitcoms started in radio, however, today are tracked down generally on TV as one of its prevailing story structures. A situational parody TV program might be recorded before a studio crowd, contingent upon the program's creation design. In this article, we will look at how I met your mother.

How we met Ted Mosby
The show was working for certain intriguing thoughts, essentially from the outset. For one's purposes, the whole series has an outlined account: As the title suggests, we're watching a story being told to the primary person's youngsters. Ted Mosby begins the series as a more seasoned man, putting his children down for a verbose anecdote about how he got along with their (clearly missing) mother. After a touch of throat-clearing, we streak back to Ted's late 20s in New York City.

Contemplating what's to come
When he sees his companions moving into the following period of their lives, Ted starts to assess the situation. As he's unfulfilled both sincerely and in his profession, he begins pondering settling down. Presently, he meets Robin Scherbatzky and accepts he's coincidentally found his first love. Ted uncovers his affections for Robin, just to have the Canadian columnist advise him to slow it down. At the point when Robin lets Ted know that she'd prefer to be companions, Ted ostensibly gets it. Robin turns into the fifth individual from the central cast and the crowd discovers that she's not the mother using Future Ted calling her Aunt Robin.

A rough beginning
Things rapidly self-destruct on Ted's side of the Atlantic. Seeing Ted in a cheerful relationship brings out sensations of desire in Robin. Plunging into the underlying driver of those aches of jealousy, Robin acknowledges she cares deeply about Ted notwithstanding her underlying brushoff. Ted sees this and chooses to lie about his relationship status: He lets Robin know that he and Victoria cut off their friendship, finding the significant distance circumstance excessively troublesome.

Marshall all alone
Marshall has dated Lily for the entirety of his grown-up life. He has no clue about how to date. So the show's chronic womanizer and inhabitant skeeze, Barney, encourages the crushed man. He endeavors to show Marshall his untrustworthy and gross method for fooling ladies into laying down with him, something the great-hearted and still sorrowful Marshall can't pull off.

Around the finish of the subsequent season, the show begins to plunge into the histories of its central cast. While we realize that Robin is Canadian and a columnist, little is known about her life outside the U.S. At the point when she responds emphatically to going to the shopping center, the show presents the idea of a slap-wagered, a bet where the bet is having the option to hit the failure without any repercussions.
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How I met your mother