You must have heard about Body fat percentage. It is the amount of fat you have in your body weight. Both essential body fat and storage body fat are the most important factors to consider when having a body fat percentage calculation. You can use several ways to calculate the average body fat percentage. These methods are – including bioelectrical impedance analysis, skin-fold methods, and other anthropometric methods. All you will need is to involve a certain circumference of your body parts. But do you know about the methods to calculate body fat percentage with your scale and your essential body fat calculator?

How should you start the procedure of body fat percentage calculation?

Before starting with the body fat percentage calculation, you should consider some of the unavoidable factors. The body fat of a human being depends on body type, age, heredity, profession, gender, and activity. Remember that women have more body fat than men. The average body fat percentage is higher because of their bodily structure, and they must have extra body fat. Since different bodily functions require body fat, it is important to have body fat. Body fat helps in reducing the temperature, protects your tissues and organs, and stores energy. Therefore, you must have the body fat in perfect ratio. Start yoga if you feel worried about the extra amount of body fat you have left around the waistline.

Here is the list of average body fat percentages men and women should have.

Body fat Percentage of Women:

Women always have more body fat than men do. It is because of the need of their bodies. When you analyze the body fat percentage of women of every age group, you will find a specific result. Here are the fat percentage summary for different ages.
For 20-40 years:
Underfoot: Under 21 percent
Healthy: 21-33 percent
Overweight: 33-39 percent
Obese: Above 39 percent

For 41-60 yrs old:
Underfoot: Less than 23 percent,
Healthy: 23-35 percent
Overweight: 35-40 percent
Obese: Over 40 percent

61-79 yrs old:
Underfoot: under 24 percent,
Healthy: 24-36 percent,
Overweight: 36-42 percent,
Obese: over 42 percent

Body fat percentage of men:

Whenever a man is measuring his body fat percentage, the same thing happens. However, the body weight percentages among men and women are different. On a body fat calculator, you can get the results like the ones mentioned below.

20-40 yrs old:
Underfat: under 8%
Healthy: 8-19%
Overweight: 19-25%
Obese: over 25%

41-60 yrs old:
Underfat: under 11%
Healthy: 11-22%
Overweight: 22-27%
Obese: over 27 %

61-79 yrs old:
Underfat: under 13%
Healthy: 13-25%
Overweight: 25-30%
Obese: over 30%

Before you start counting body fat percentage, you should weigh yourself. Make sure that your body weight is as accurate as possible. When you use different scales to get your original weight, it can vary a little. It depends on many other variants, including the time of the day when you are weighing. If you weigh on different scales, there will be a difference in weight detection. That can be a bit confusing. So, it is better if you stick to one accurate scale for weighing.

Use a body fat calculator for weighing

Body fat calculators are bliss. They help you understand immediately that how much you need to work on your body. When you are an adult, your body fat percentage can be accurate with bioelectrical tests and skin-fold measurements. These gender-based formulas are connected with your BMI. The calculation you find here is a little overestimated with the body fat percentage for overweight people. So, it is better to get your BMI result and place it in the appropriate formula given below to calculate your exact body fat percentage.
For Women, the process of receiving body fat percentage is easy. All you have to do is to calculate this way, (1.20 x BMI) + (0.23 x Age) - 5.4 = Body Fat Percentage
Men has the same kind of calculation for body fat percentage i.e. (1.20 x BMI) + (0.23 x Age) - 16.2 = Body Fat Percentage.

Processes to measure your body for detecting the accurate fat percentage

Skinfold calipers method is one of the inexpensive ways to measure body fat. They’re relatively easy to use and quite helpful to measure your body fat levels. As the rest of the processes are expensive and require machinery, this one is preferable. During the procedure, with the handheld tools, continue measuring the thickness of your skin. So, it is easier to put yourself through the checking process. If you wish to know, which body parts will be measured for the process, here are the mentions. Choose your triceps, chest, under the shoulder blade, above the hip, thigh, abdomen, etc., for the process.
Circumference measurement (CM) is how to measure your body fat at home. All you need is a tape measure and some specific body measurements. To get the most accurate results, you can choose CM. The process of body fat percentage calculation is time-consuming but interesting to know. Using a non-stretch tape measure, you can get the circumference measurements three times at each body part. You have to measure the neck, waistline, and hips for women, and for men, you only require the neck and waistline circumference.
If you are looking for a toned body with proportionate body fat, you can keep measuring your growth with a percentage calculator for weight loss.
Though you have the idea about inexpensive processes for measuring body fat now, it is still better to follow professional methods. If you are an aspirant to the Army and are preparing hard to crack it, check your percentage with the Army body fat calculator. Check Your Body fat percentage with the percentile provided previously. Once you are done with the body fat percentage calculation, now you know the difference with the given percentile. You now have a better idea regarding your further steps to get the ideal body to reach the army recruitment standard.

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How is body fat percentage calculated?