Are you thinking of bringing a teeny tiny friend home for you kids? It must cute, kid’s friendly and easy to take care of but there must be no danger to the kids, right? A hamster fits all your pre-requisites. The cute furry and fluffy creatures are becoming favorite pet in many homes. The fur covered mammal has oversized cheek pouches and short a tail. Let us explore more about hamsters and how long do hamsters live?

About Hamsters
Hamsters are nocturnal creatures found majorly in the Syrian Deserts. The name ‘Hamster’ is derived from German word, Hamstern which means Hoard. Hamsters are the favorite past time for pet lovers. Their squeaks and nibbles are interesting to keep looking at. But at the same time, these creatures should be carefully kept and cared of; it makes them live healthy and longer lives. The Syrian Hamsters usually don’t like company and like to sleep in an enclosed area. They are seen as chewing and nibbling to some food almost every time.

Typically, a Hamster can live 2 to 3 years longer. Their breed is a major determinant of their life span. Other than the breed, a nutritious and balanced diet, clean place to live and lot of free space to roam around & a predator free environment altogether decides the longevity.   As they become older, they should be given more care and keep them happy and comfortable.

Hamsters Aging and Average Lifespan
The average life span of a Hamster can be two to three years. Even though it is considerably a less time, there are some basic reasons to look behind. As a creature age, their biological systems and processes start to slow down. The maintenance of these biological processes in mammals (hamsters) is less effective than with the larger ones. Thus, they have a shorter life span. Since hamsters have short life span, it is very important that their procreation should be maintained for the species survival.

Wild Hamster Lifespan
Wild Hamsters are desert animals mainly found in Syria. These Hamsters like dry and warm climate. They are also found in countries like China, Mongolia and Greece. Wild hamster’s number is decreasing with every passing day whereas pet hamsters are found in almost anywhere. Many species of hamsters have become extinct and the major reasons underlying their extinction are predators and fluctuations in climate.

Life Cycle of Hamsters
Hamsters could have 4-12 pups at once and mostly 8 pups at once. The number may differ across breeds. Baby hamsters are known as boars (males) and sows (females). The infants of Hamsters are born without fur or naked and blind. Once they turn one week old, they starts developing teeth out of gums. The infants will look pale and pink in color till they are about 2 to 3 days old. The color changes to darker pigmentation as days pass by. The infants will open their eyes within two weeks.
Under some circumstances, a hamster mother could eat her babies like when she is stressed, fearful, there is shortage of food, loud noises and too much disturbance around or they find a different scent in their babies.

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How long do Hamsters live?