Dogs are always a man’s best friend. And also, there is no doubt that dogs are honest animals. When a man brings a puppy or a dog home, he takes care of everything from food to fur. But when, even after all the care and love, a dog dies, it causes unbearable pain. A lot of people find it hard to accept the fact that their little Jeff, Brownie, or dollar is no more. They can't believe the little paws will never touch again, and the soft tongue will never lick their faces again. Most of the time, it happens to people who bring a pet for the first time. In this article, we will see how long dogs live, different breeds and what distinguishes them from other animals as pets.

What make dogs the best pet option?

•    They provide us security, some breeds are known for being a good guard e.g. Doberman, German shepherd and boxer.
•    They are Intelligent beings  
•    It is easy to train dogs in comparison to other animals
•    They easily adapt to new environment and becomes friendly  
•    They are affectionate, playful and reciprocate feelings in their own way  

Some of the best dog breeds to pick:

•    Bulldog: One of the most famous dog bread loved worldwide. These dogs are muscular and bulky and widely known as loyal guard dogs. It lives up to 8-10 years.
•    Boxer: It is one of the most powerful dog bread on earth that can be used as a family protector. These are good fit as a family dog if trained from young age. It lives up to 10-12 years.
•    Akita: Akita is a Japanese dog breed. It is muscular dog breed famous for its loyalty, courage and dignity. These dogs are easy to train but generally recommended to keep as an only pet. It lives up to 10-12 years.
•    Chow Chow: It is a Chinese dog breed, well known for its dense double coat. It lives up to 9-15 years depending upon health and environmental factors. They are also widely known as Songshi Quan in China.
•    German shepherd: It is one of the most intelligent dog bread. The German shepherd is widely used as a guard dog whose duty is to protect, and they are masters in this work. A German shepherd typically lives up to 9-13 years.
•    Labrador: Known for their friendly temperament and playful behavior; they are an ideal pet option for first time owners. They easily adapt and are safe to keep with young children. They can live up to 10-12 years.

How long can dogs live?

How long a live is firstly determined by its breed. As mentioned in the previous section that different dog breeds have a typical different life span. The second determinant of how long a dog lives includes the environment, food and the facilities they receive. It includes regular exercise, a healthy diet, regular health checkups, vaccination, affection and many more. The process of ageing differs from breed to breed and affects the physical abilities of a dog. In this scenario as well, it is important how well a dog is taken care off. A dog with regular medication and checkups tends to live longer than those aging dogs that are left alone neglected in a corner.  

Factor determining a dog's lifespan

•    Breed: It is the primary determinant of a dog’s lifespan.
•    Diet: how long do dogs live is highly dependent on its diet. There are a lot of food items which are not meant for dogs. Feeding such food items to could disturb their digestion and make them ill. On the other hand, there are certain foods preferred to feed dogs which are beneficial for them and support their gut health as well. First time owners should consult a veterinarian regarding dos and don’ts or making any major changes in their dog food.
•    Regular health check-ups: If you are keeping a pet, regular health checkup is a must. It helps with early diagnosis and treatment options which ensure better prognosis for sure. It further reduce chances of discovering bigger health issues later.
•    Accident: According to a survey, approximately 1.2 million dogs in USA die as a result of road accidents. Accidents are one of the major reasons of dog’s death worldwide. If you are taking your dog outside for walk, make sure to put a collar with chain. It will help you to control dog in case there are other dogs around or dog finds something unusual around. In such situations, dog tens to recklessly run and could meet with an accident

Signs of again among dogs

•    Problems in hearings
•    Problems in vision
•    He tends to sleep more than before
•    Less interested in playing
•    Less interested in physical activities
•    Increased weight
•    Frequent illness
•    Tooth decaying
•    Increased digestion related issues
•    Bone and mussels' weakness
•    Problems in urinal discharge
•    Joints problems like dysplasia

Diet plan of dogs:

A typical diet plan for dogs should include:
•    A protein source to meet the protein requirement
•    Required amount of Chondroitin sulphate for joint maintenance
•    Omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy immune system
•    Calcium for bone health maintenance
•    Vitamin E for brain


Dogs are one of the most precious gifts by God and a trustable companion for ages. They are more sensitive than humans. They are trustable, intelligent, trainable and most important lovely creatures. Their presence in home helps young children to take up sense of responsibility and develop social bond at a very tender age. But their short lifespan is the most disheartening part about having them as pet. A healthy environment and diet as well as a lot of love and affection make them live longer for sure. Having a dog as a pet is a bliss, not experienced yet? Go get one, or you will miss that!!

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How long dogs live?